how to access your ssn trust account

So, eg. The OASI Trust Fund began in 1937; the DI Trust Fund in 1957. The Authentication Process is two fold…. and when every single one reversed??????? Mr. Dent, I would like to have example letters of instruction directing the bank/union give me full access to all private and/or back end accounts, as offered in the above instructions. At this point in time. I didn’t pay for nything but just having it connected is some deep state illuminati stuff. The POA is what is necessary to gain access to all these accounts. MinerGate works with Windows (64 bit & 32 bit), Apple Mac, Ubuntu, and Fedora. Hopefully we all will be able to get what is rightfully ours especially if we performed labor. Then send Dept of Homeland Security their Form I-407. How exactly did you do this? PayPal and other large common websites have simply blocked the numbers outright because it was so obvious. you are the critical mass. BOGUS CONTRACTS DRAINING THE FEDERAL RESERVE. combined. Many minor websites do seem to work. and entire US is legally corrupt and broken… The judge still practices law despite proven legal fraud… and the fact that her crimes of office while being a judge literally affects everyone in the county…. when receiving the card. Excellent Question. Originally, the Sheppard Towner Maternity and Infancy Act was to register babies with as commercial products with Birth Certificates. If you want to go one step higher, you can Authenticate it with the UN, which they stated to me that they would do… but they merely STOLE the b-cert. No doubt. you can add your state and the search will give you their proper offices. But if I accidentally deposit money into this account that the feds say belongs to some phantom biz, then am I guilty of bank “depositry” instead of “bank robbery”? With the proper legal tools the reversals can be reverted, eg. The Federal Reserve knows they need to allow this, but are doing what they can to reverse the charges that go through. If you can bring up a calculator on your computer and add 1,000,000,000 to 0, but on a "bank statement", that's how they "make money" for these accounts. Do this by getting a State Apostille on the Birth Certificate, and a POA for yourself over “your legal fictional presence.”  Once in possession of the legal presence, they cannot confuse the Agent-“Attorney-In-Fact” as the Principal (the legal fictional corporation). We recently reviewed our trust and found out it explicitly states only my SSN as the tax id for the trust. If requested, I may share the letters I sent to them or updated public versions of them. Escrow Accounts and CIP. At our bank we open Escrow Trust Accounts. Everything else in the document is to try to frame that illegitimate action of violating double entry accounting as somehow legitimate. This should give you access to all your bank accounts, and give you your identity back…. where does the government get the money to create this account? Claimant Last Name Please tell me what you have accomplished as far as your bills go using the methods that you have disclosed on these post. also the UN Administrators in the US who impersonate and call themselves “Judges” also UNLAWFULLY disregard the POA. If there is no form for POA on State Treasuries. What @javalizard is saying seems to be the right avenue to go as we need to perform our due diligence and handle things the legal way. Second. for Pennsylvania to issue a WARRANT for “my legal presences” arrest, they would need to usurp my POA from the PA treasury to be able to forge my signature… and after the warrant is issued, just use the AFFIDAVIT OF FORGED SIGNATURE against the “court” to stop the warrant. The accounts wouldn’t go through unless the info matched. mike, are you familiar with this process? did they provide any reason? That defines the link between you and “the corporation they impose on us.”. The Federal Reserve Accounts are all pre-paid. Acting without the right tools and knowledge may result in inefficient results. All that comes up is paypal xoom andxpress bill pay which doesn’t seem to work for me. The Federal Gov’t Corporation then buys and sells it, rehypothecating, and creating debt on account with each transfer between each Federal Corporate institution. I ordered duplicates due to them looking old and ratty. In general, she's transferred her accounts using her SSN and I've transferred my accounts using my SSN. How can I look up the strawman routing numbers?I am a SPC, What happens if you don’t have the letter or the numbers on the back of your social security card cuz it’s old. If you need a format for the Notice of claim… use this, from the NYC Personal Injury CLAIM form: A trust is a legal instrument that allows for a trustee to manage money (or other property like stocks and bonds or real estate that could be sold) on behalf of someone else. It worked and is/was a wake up call for them. It seems a subject of this importance should receive MUCH better treatment & exposition! because everything LEGAL is a FICTION created in the mind for CORPORATE PROFIT. the back would have a letter as the first character in the “SS” serial number. 100% legal to do since July 1st 2017. So. Their refusal to produce the accounts is a felony under Title 18 USC §241 and 242, punishable by DEATH of the SSC, FRBFCU and its LEGALLY FICTIONAL PRESENCE executives. ( Log Out /  Create your account today and take away the risk of someone else trying to create one in your name, even if they obtain your Social Security number. Governments are actually Corporations- The President/Prime Minister its CEO. Major websites have banned these accounts on demand of the Federal Reserve/banking system. ROFL!!! What do I use as my legal Business name for my business account? Frequently asked questions If you already have a my Social Security account… MinerGate automatically mines the most profitable Coins. Don’t waste your time. Thanxs for sharing your thoughts, I agree we have to research and reclaim the legal way. That’s because they are making everyone go through the procedure now when Trump made everyone with a government contract get a new one only 25% of the contracts got renewed. 0210-0120-8           123-45-6789. >>> During your lifetime, the tax impact of having a revocable trust is relatively minimal. Here is the US Dept of State Office of Authentication: The US Embassy Annexation would make WSA passwords and Common Law IDs acceptable for use. Find the section that corresponds to your … New York City is a Sovereign City State like City of Washington DC. MIND IS BLOWN. 4) File the State Treasury Form for the POWER OF ATTORNEY and/or Authorized Representative with your POA attached. In some cases, scammers may even claim they are investigating possible fraud on your account and ask for details such as your account number or Social Security number so they can … They continue to assume that the judge is NOT breaking the law… and that the judges victim is a criminal and deserves to be treated with complete disrespect. “Individual” businesses go by the owners name in all upper case. cant seem to find one that will accept my credit cards address or payment. His website is down, his channels are down. If you order a replacement card, it will have the same serial number as any other card that does have the number…. Both with ss# and the red #’s themselves. Start earning Mining Fees and Seigniorage in under 5 minutes. Normally I would just let something like this float by my feed and let it go, or pay it no mind. Any help would be appreciated. 2) Once you have your own lawful ID. If you are interested in how gov’t creates debt as money… see the Modern Money Mechanics direct from the Federal Reserve’s Mouth: Click to access Modern_Money_Mechanics.pdf DON’T WE NEED TO FILE A UCC-1 BEFORE USING OUR TDA ACCOUNT? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. EVERYTHING “LEGAL” is unlawful…. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I DO BELIEVE YOU ASKED THE CORRECT QUESTION. Get a Power of Attorney over their artificial person for you, Put a State and US Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate. But as I was personally burned by this kind of thing … The Bureau of Public Debt is a bank that has been set up in Parkersburg, West Virginia. You go online, enter the account number (your social) and routing number (found on the website) into a e-bill payment system—a standard feature of most financial … FINANCIAL SECURITIES. Your Social Security Number is not a bank account and cannot be used to pay bills. The Federal Reserve System has not always been this way, your case in point. This is your Identity outside their Legal Construct. while it may not be good to buy an automobile/vehicle directly, it seems probable that it could pay of the loan after the fact. Also, as an official expatriate, the theft of foreign national funds by the US Gov’t and banks is considered an ACT OF WAR, a DECLARATION OF WAR, and the institutionalization of the STATE OF WAR. Excellent Question… The best i have in this moment is Harvey’s new YT channel, The amounts today is probably much more as it enables them to insure humans as “PERSONS” for their own profit that much more. The problem is that the governmental corporation isn’t giving back the executorship of the account back to the people! The number on the back of the Social Security Card is not tied to the Social Security Trust. Knowing why helps with knowing how… and helps to identify any errors in the process (such as reversals are not “supposed to happen” unless the Federal Reserve Board really is/was corrupt, and the reason why we can and should complain about the reversals to have the reversal cancelled/payment re-instated). The Name is upper case via SSN is a Federal Employee. As I was trying to see if there were funds how much are in the account using my SSN but there was nothing. being in prison is evidence that they are operating the legal presence against you and you didn’t own the fiction they created for you. 5) File a NOTICE OF CLAIM with the US Department of Justice – Attorney General under Title 50a (appendix) §7 (c) (e) and CC the United Nations Legal, and the institutions Involved in any negotiable instruments using fax or certified and return receipt mail for the following: The US Embassy Annexing a WSA identity would enable you to use you WSA passport to get on airplanes in the US! As I comprehend, it would be the name in all upper case. THEY ARE HARVESTING ENERGY OR YOUR SOUL WITH YOUR CONSENT. Cert of Authentication “authenticates” the notary. use a Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate (Legal Presence), a Power of Attorney between you and the Legal Presence, and your own lawful non-corporate-governmental ID. The “UCC Account” is a reference to the creation in the process as a whole and is a topical term not the account … How do I get a certificate of authenticity? The social security card is basically an ATM card, Your ATM card, without the magnetic strip. Are you still able to have bank accounts, trading accounts, etc? Some companies are wise to this and literally block the numbers despite it being good and it going through for people. Like you al research all of this lots to digest you know. The checking account itself is not a trust. SSCU and FRBFCU have received my documentation but they aren’t calling me back!!!! EVER. When you pay your … OASI and DI Trust Funds, These commercial products are “insured” and underwritten with originally ~$650,000 for each birth to pay for cleanliness, in theory. I have done this and the banks STILL refuse to honor their own laws regarding POA and their accounts…. The easiest thing to do is to get a new card, it will be updated with the information you are looking for. Then Send copies of each with IRS Form 8854, to the IRS Philadelphia International Office. THE INSPIRATION FOR ALL THESE THINGS WHERE HYPOTHICATED BY A FEW THAT KNEW MORE THAN WE KNOW CURRENTLY AND TOOK ALL THE CREDIT FOR IT. <<<, Click to access Modern_Money_Mechanics.pdf. Here a the process used for accessing Social Security Bank Accounts- followed by a sharable Web Graphic: The Social Security Bank Account Number is the: ACH Numbers So have a half dozen other sites that ask me to “add your bank account”…even though my PayPal address (es) are the primary “landing spot” for the money I make online. Access Your Account » Account Number . Taking possession of our legal presence, in legal competency, enables it to not be legal nor illegal, nor lawful, nor unlawful. NOT “Lawful Money.” Fed Notes are “money” as Legal FICTITIOUSLY defined by statute, but the lawful view is that debt is NOT money but merely treated as such. However, after the death of the person who created the revocable trust, the nature of the trust changes. The other issue is that once these accounts have money in theme, they start accruing interest! For example, all of the assets in a revocable trust … Indonesia does not have recognized Passports and their passports must be annexed individually because they are also NOT party to The Hague Convention of 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund. But the deposit credits constitute new additions to the total deposits of the banking system. You have to do it correctly, file certain documents to certain places. A trust fund tax is money withheld from an employee's wages (income tax, Social Security, and Medicare taxes) by an employer and held in trust until paid to the Treasury. You can only create an account using your own personal information and for your own exclusive use. With THEIR Birth Certificate for the legal presence “for you”, you take that document, which has a signature on it, and send it to the State, DoS, Authentication Services. Your child's Social Security number is the first step in ensuring valuable protection for any benefits they may be eligible for in the future. Fax it to the Social Security Credit Union and/or the FRB Federal Credit Union fax phone number with instructions to immediately provide access to your Government Bank Account with hundreds of thousands/millions of dollars in it and your return phone number. and for your state try this: I’m a us citizen but born in Tehran Iran, how do I pursue this matter having no luck getting a answer. Federal Reserve address with my name as it appears on the social security card? So do we do anything with the Numbers on the Back besides use the Letter? the scam is that the UNITED STATES is a UN Member-Nation and not a Nation with its own Constitution. Including Insurance, Life, Health and Car. Promises That Sustain the Myth If … The Scam is that THERE IS NO UNITED STATES. Location of Incident (including State) WHY HAVE CREDIT ACCOUNTS IN THE FIRST INSTANCE… MY MY. We may use these accounts if we want, that is up to each person with an SSN Bank Account. Some people do appear to be threatened with “codes”, which are NOT laws, through their LEGAL PRESENCE. With EVERY American Judge literally being a UN Administrator and NOT an actual lawful “judge”, the US is literally creating the NEXT CIVIL WAR by hurting the population and imposing such damage without any recourse. Notarize it, file it with the birth county/district. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Its a complicated process. Access your bonds as well as step by step instructions to discharge all of your public debt in as little as 4 weeks. In addition, how would I verify if there is indeed funds in my secret account, may someone opine, thanxs? All you have to do is set up the account … My autocorrect gets me every time. One of the greatest problems we have is that the Military uses debt creation against the enemies so as to always have money on hand to do what they need…. Demand to talk to the Legal Departments. The Social Security Trust Funds are the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund and the Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund. I am currently receiving social security retirement payments and military and v.a disability payments.After I over stand my birth certificate do I relinquish my rights to those payments?

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