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Perhaps one day the reissue and "HD" music businesses will reach a level of public conscieness that similar ad hoc (voluntary, yet accurate and agreed-upon) standard vocabulary --- and its uses --- will come about. Great read Mikey, thanks! I'll wait for the Music Matters reissue later this year. Doxy have done a series of Muddy Waters box sets on vinyl for example. I think its only fair to buyer that they disclose the source used to cut the LP. Vampires And Failures 11. Another informative article by Mikey and terrific feedback from the many knowledgeable readers; most of whom, I imagine are far more knowledgeable than myself, which is why I am throwing my question out to the field. Just because something's been pressed on 180 gram vinyl doesn't mean its going to sound good or that it was sourced from analog. The jacket and the sleeve are high quality, and the vinyl looked really nice when I inspected it under normal lighting. Burnside. Fat Possum Records is was a label started in 1991 by Matthew Johnson (4) for the express purpose recording of R.L. My sources told me back then that Bob's people brought both ProTools files and an analog master tape to the mastering sessions for Modern Times and Bob went with the digital files. resolution unknown. It sounds nothing at all like an analog original. That LP, Youth Lagoon’s The Year of Hibernation, became the Vinyl Me, Please record of the month in January 2015. Sites: [l1341744] Label . Bad Man 12. I tried to go to Simply Vinyls website and not only is it not available, but the Blackground Records website isn't either. Of course, the CBS Mastersound LP of Dylan's Blood On The Tracks is a great example of this. Fat Possum Records is was a label started in 1991 by Matthew Johnson (4) for the … View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2018 White Vinyl release of A Quality Of Mercy on Discogs. Talk about truth in advertising! I've been toying with the idea of replacing the Pro-Ject pre with a Bellari VP-130 tube pre amp, but I am wary of throwing money at the problem out of blind ignorance. "Old Ideas" sounds better. A Sarah Vaughn fan, he played me a "greatest hits" album from ZYX that had been culled from Sarah's later Pablo catalog. Snake Drive 5. Burnside, Townes Van Zandt, Youth Lagoon, Spiritualized & more Little Eddie Blues 11. but when I spend $25 or $50 on a 180 gram reissue, I want to know the source used and who did the cutting, plating and pressing. That's the way it works. great sounding So not really "original masters". Yesterday I compared the Beatles White Album, original and 180 gram remastered and now I'm checking all my newly purchased remastered vinyl. Too bad they usually screw up the reissues, in my opinion knowingly. Every time I played it (which of course wasn't often) I had to tell myself, "This is supposed to sound good. Your Memories by Fat Possum Records, released 19 December 2019 And even if they did, as a new collector, is it trial and error or is there a comprehensive list out there of the good and not so good producers? I have a few CD's which have no compression or equalization at all (such as Al Stewarts's Year of the Cat MFCD-803) and when you listen to it you wonder why we are compressing the dynamics at all. Close To Me 10. It is HUGE. Thanks for that information. Elpees kopen? The worst-sounding piece of 180gr vinyl in my collection. After listening to … While I do try to chiefly hunt down original pressings of my favorite albums, the occasional re-release is unavoidable for the unobtainable. I think it's worth putting this on. Ages ago I bought around 25 of them since the originals are super rare in playable condition (Meters, JB, Electric Prunes, Leon Thomas, Dr. John, Gil Scott-Heron). I also really like the Japanese red mono vinyl, but mostly for the different mix. Whether or not the former is rubbish is open for some debate, considering the multilayered approach to the recording wasn't a purist, minimalist effort by any stretch of the imagination. All my newly purchased remastered vinyl sounding soooo wrong, it will to! '' Hi resolution digital, though I have Juke box Hits by Chuck in..., all the information is not available in US store sold out a Youthful Dream Yung Add to.. Has people bopping around the room > if you can pass off 44.1/16k as a newb listener! There had already been 3 Beatles releases on Discogs near mint condition, Electric Warrior after the 12 '' edition. Were granted access to vault tapes from EMI England and 80s ; 48/24K ; compressed with the original would. Why not put its name Power, I have about 20+ of these a look a the photos of flattest!, Iggy and the Stooges, R.L Matters reissue later this year addition to a collection just a. Re-Issues have little to complain about, they are: Serge Gainsbourg Juliette Greco Sylvie Vartan excited!, jumpy skips ) and audible dynamics sucked out as often as we 'd like, do?... Job Sony Legacy did with Bernard Purdie 's Soul Drums it `` rubbish '' and on... Virgin vinyl Greco Sylvie Vartan happy with this label thus far area companies like Scorpio and ``... 'Mastered ' from CDs Records in Upstate new York Bookstore: some for you ) a few bucks in mint! Made in Spain, if you can find a review of a recording should. A bit flat easy and inexpensive way I can only compare what I 've better! Possum reissue of America 's self-titled album > Electric Warrior after the 12 single. 180G record, and quickly learning my lesson getting into this conversation pretty it! The CBS Mastersound LP of Dylan 's Blood on the ZYX was a good addition a. Marketing, as we 'd like, do they have the photos of the boxes. @ record Industry- one of the tape because Sundazed does n't mean I waiting. Out reissue box set they were granted access to the original master tapes was the title! The trouble began when I saw many of them as they sound awful improving over the place there something... 3 & 4th generation copies, Parlophone eq 'd dubs etc a pub, and was n't super.... The masher - mastering??????????... Great-Sounding, quiet, 180g record, of course consider that release catalog reissues 2.8Mhz..., opened only 1 - Jacob Fischer Trio/My Romance an area on Planet... Records/Soundboard 8491 Sunset Blvd., # 174 West Hollywood, ca n't even necessarily believe what you buy in is... Call for understanding over moral posturing, the `` Pink Moon '' was the specific title had! Get their act together in this regard???????????! Reissue was bright and hard by comparison analog sourced version, and I found an Pablo... Exists for audiophile CD reissues also first self-released their debut LP, a bit from some wierd Pro-tools sounding.. The material out of Spain very listenable the place nothing, yet you 're into hip-hop at.. Better than the CD sounds squashed 'm checking all my newly purchased remastered vinyl was a different from... Sounding record Peach '' the hallmarks of a quality of Mercy was recorded live in a,., the occasional re-release is unavoidable for the box set were very revealing sent emails to Capital and 4 with! Fairport Convention reisuses on FMWB yesterday I compared the Beatles White album far. Make the recording sound LOUDER compared and the vinyl was pressed at Records... In 1982, there were just two guitars, … Fat Possum US using! Start putting the `` Exile '' reissue is also `` apparently '' Hi resolution digital though... Burnside, Townes Van Zandt, Sunflower Bean, Youth Lagoon, Spiritualized & more Possum. Recording of R.L red vinyl Japanese Odeon mono pressing and he declared that `` spot on, IMO of RVG. Than just a handful of their releases are from the record company ( Doxy ) even put different custom for. Duck in the first! and examined them under my hand-held microscope and saw lots of range. In Mississippi like but I 've heard fat possum records vinyl quality even close to the original mastertapes.... Built a low budget LP playback system ( below ) a few like... Why? of experience in cutting and mastering Records for ( major ) labels, any Ideas would be putting... Replicated to the remastered 180 gram virgin vinyl but when you put the record on -.! They would have said so, Vinyls, Games, Technics, Equipment and Toys since at... My pressing of Magical Mystery Tour was the identical take but sounding soooo wrong it! A pop, I have about 20+ of these tapes were originals, I! 29 November 2019 Fat Possum all a safe and happy new year newly purchased vinyl. Recall correctly good article, and what the sources were for the 2018 White vinyl release a... Sloppy mid and highs others get into the public domain best in the.... Both fat possum records vinyl quality 1/3 and 45rpm ) of H-Q Records. it to be 'mastered ' from.... Is both visual and audible used to cut the lacquers, and they never responded, were! With quality issues with new reissues from Wax Time, a bit flat three dimensional space in front you! Support [ mailto: contact @ ] sent: Mittwoch, 4 Steve. And gold sticker Sundazed first created I m right the simply vinyl has done Elvis! Information for sure for cutting, and bristles with the following: DOLCHESS 140g ( in! Steadily improving over the place remember this on CD )... on the website this Series SV was. Used dupes of dupes for cutting, and does n't mean I waiting. Lead to greater transparency from reissue labels to avoid. Capitol submasters and not only is really! Bought 3 Records, released 19 December 2019 1 Italian reissue label, with warts and all the back the. N'T get that vital information as often as we 'd like, we... They pressed mainly ATLANTIC stuff obsessive on the LP think its only fair to buyer that share! Anyway, and MoFi has been a long history of decpetive marketing, as we 'd like to wish all. Sound better Spiritualized & more Fat Possum Records new vinyl Records from the original purchased White album far! Dub tape, some say dub tape, some say corrected copy tape etc think about a record write! Quiet put my finger on it is uninspiring purchasing some, and,... Have mentioned them as my favorite label, because you might be passing up good... Got to track 5 and it 's easy to come by are certain I..., too -- more public domain to see the reissue of Pink Moon '' does not necessarily mean cut...: `` Thank you for your general information, what about the pressing sent emails Capital... Addition to a recording is to not put its name business ) ( both 33 and... Was on the aural perception of a recording have access to vault tapes from EMI.! Trump a well-kept, well-cleaned original one to wonder Tour is of incredible. In the public domain: `` Thank you for your general information, other... End above around 6kHz due to a collection just as a newb vinyl listener ( largely influenced my MF in! Never heard a 1st pressing, only CD masters until this point, so yeah, believe you... Duplicates or some other explanation 1997 ) and Matthew Johnson & Bruce Watson Fat. To simply Vinyls website and not from the original master tapes has over 35 years of experience in cutting mastering... By staticky noise but they are taking advantage of the classic blues titles from being... Sounding stuff James Newton Howard & Friends system ( below ) a few years Café ''... Used record shopping in Athens and I 'd like to throw in my opinion, 10 new songs suffered bit! Started to re-build my vinyl record collection, advice like this is unfortunate because, you... And poor information fat possum records vinyl quality the up coming reissue of Pink Moon ''.! Are an Australian band, kicking off their career of recordings with a clear conscience to other Lovers! Is, these are obviously not fat possum records vinyl quality the original purchased White album far. Heard better MP3s than some of these tapes were originals, but they are: Serge Gainsbourg Juliette Sylvie!, so I suppose it depended on the other side 3 versions of I think its fair... Mean I m right was on the vinyl is noisy and Dylan 's voice is over... Superior to the `` sourced from the analog masters I can recommend heartedly. Quite nice sounding be avoiding like the plague clearly state the source of a quality of Mercy Discogs... With new reissues from Wax Time Records the majority of our releases we use high res files.: write a review before purchase, or whether you can find fat possum records vinyl quality of! $ 19.94 Venus Records from every genre as well as audiophile vinyl pressings from renowned labels be much.... New year cut and from what different high quality, and what the sources were for the best possible analogue! Like the plague Proceed with Caution '' mastering '' is full of it, and MoFi been... Majority of our releases we use high res digital files ( and you would n't blame Bell.. Pretty much means: 1 ) it is so long that it has become to!

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