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In habitat, they quickly claim a cave-like spot and will be aggressive to other fishes that tread near its territory just like a dog being aggressive to other dogs that pass by their homes. Feel free to contact him if you have any queries. Through this blog he plans share his knowledge to beginners. Unlike some tropical fish, Jack Dempseys thrive in a wide range of water chemistry parameters. Can Goldfish See In The Dark?- Some Goldfish Facts! Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (Cichlasoma octofasciatum) Water Temperature Range: 22 to 30 °C (72 to 86 °F) Water Hardness Range (°d) 8 to 12: pH Range: 6.5 to 7.0: Hobbyist Level: Intermediate: Max Adult Size: 8 in (20 cm) Min tank size: 40 Gallons (151 L) Min number of individuals to keep per tank: 1: Temperament: Aggressive: Lifespan: 10+ Years The best mates can be of the other Central and South American Cichlids like Salvini, Firemouths, Nicaraguan, Pleco, green terrors, and Convicts. Heat treatment and medications such as formalin and malachite green have been used, to significant effect,in taking care of fishes having freshwater ich. This is natural genetic mutation. If you have a substrate made of green matters and soil, they would destroy it in no time. A member of the Cichlidae family, which also includes angelfish and discus, the Jack Dempsey fish, or Rocio octofasciata, is native to Central America in places like Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. It should have no nitrite or ammonia, so make sure to do regular water changes to prevent buildup. (Regan 1903) and nicknamed as Manassa Mauler. The water pH level can be between 6 to 8. Jack Dempsey pairs tend to become doubly territorial and exhibit aggressive behavior. The sand can settle and level itself after sifting. Slightly acidic (6.2 to 7.5 pH), intermediate water hardness (3 to 12 dGH), 72 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. ... anything else I can try feeding them? Behaviorally, male Jack Dempsey fish tend to be more aggressive than the female.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'inlandaquatics_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_10',111,'0','0'])); As you anticipate having a successful breeding session [with a Jack Dempsey pair], it is expedient that you set the conditions aright. Let us study more about Jack Dempsey Fish/Jack Dempsey Cichlids! Poor water conditions and nutritional deficiency of vitamin C, vitamin D, Calcium, Phosphorus can cause discus, “a hole in the head”. However, avoid their African counterparts as they are way more aggressive than the Central, South American Cichlids. You can allow some nitrate, but no larger than 40mg in a liter. Thanks . For that reason, many hobbyists who keep these fish maintain a maximum water temperature of below 78° Fahrenheit. What tank size is right for Jack Dempsey? The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciata "Electric Blue"), also known as the Powder Blue Jack Dempsey, is an almost unbelievably bright blue color variant of its species. Monitor water parameters with a quality, liquid test kit. Water Parameters. MFK Member ... seems to be an electric blue jack demspy). Known by the biological appellation, Rocio octofasciata, the fish gets its name for the fierce look and aggressive behavior – which was characteristic of popular American boxer of the ’20s, William Jack Dempsey Harrison – it portrays. 1 year ago. Putting first things first; you should separate the male from the female by using a divider to compartmentalize the tank, or you can put each one [of the pair] in a different tank altogether if you can afford it. Our provided fishes are small in size and easy to … Although Dempseys can tolerate a fairly wide range of conditions, warmer temperatures have shown to lead to more aggression in this fish. The iridescent green, blue, golden specks turn even more strikingly beautiful. The preferred pH range for the Jack Dempsey is 6.5 to 7.0, with a hardness range of 8.0 to 12 dGH. Dempsey female lays up to 500 eggs on a flat rock or any flat surface. Jack Dempsey Fish is also known as Cichlasoma biocellatum Regan 1909, octofasciatum (Regan 1903) and nicknamed as Manassa Mauler. Jack Dempsey Fish often sold as an infant measuring only 2 to 3 inches (6 to 8 cms) and kept in a display tank together. The male of the species can grow up to 15 inches and the females slightly shorter in length. Although Jack Dempsey Fish can thrive in a wide range of water conditions, their native waterways of the South Mexican rivers, Belize, and Honduras rivers are soft and little on the acidic side. Cascade 1000 Canister Filter Review – Inlandaquatics, Best 11 Filters for Turtle Tanks 2020 – Expert Reviews. Use a slightly larger size filter than the one recommended to you. Our vendors' experts always take care these fishes to provide a healthy fishes at client's end. The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey have been recognized to be less aggressive, and reach a relatively small size in comparison … Although they are native to the rivers of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras, you can find its population well across North America, Australia, and parts of Asia. For the ideal breeding environment, the water temperature should be raised to and maintained at 84-86° F and the pH stablized on the more acidic side. Expand signature 'MERICA. And it is worth stating that it is easy to know whenever the Jack Dempsey fish is full of fury;they pick up a darker body coloration at such moments – so, in a way, Jack Dempsey is no pretentious creature.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'inlandaquatics_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',106,'0','0'])); Though they may be predatory- which makes some people classify them as ‘carnivores’ – the Jack Dempsey fish are omnivores when it comes to feeling. However, if the parents are stressed they might eat their young and it is advisable to separate them from the young. The species has got Rocio name by the name of its describer’s wife; in Spanish “rocio” means “dew” and indicates the presence of sparklet-spots in the fish coloring.Specific name of the fish “octofasciata” comes from Latin words “octo” (eight) and “fascia” (a belt or a stripe) and it is translated as “eight-striped”.In fact the fish has definitely more than eight stripes on its body. I. insanesquirle Feeder Fish. On the feeding frequency; you should feed your Jack Dempsey fish once or twice every day. The parents are protective of their fry and they chew the food and release it for their young. For the lighting; Jack Dempseys prefer low or moderate lighting; they tend to be more active and less stressed under such setting. A 100-gallon tank (380 liters) could house a pair of this species. The Jack Dempsey fish are quite productive as they are capable of laying up to 500–800 in a single breeding season. Since the fish is from Central America, the aquarium water must meet the following requirements: temperature + 25-28 degrees Celsius rigidity from 8 to 12 degrees Nitrate is colorless and odorless; the only way to detect is to measure with ion specified electrodes (ISE). Share. Electric Blue Hap has a rather livable character and is much quieter than many Malawian cichlids. Your email address will not be published. And, it is even more interesting to note that the female could become infuriated [and fight] with the male if he fails to do his job dedicatedly.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'inlandaquatics_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_11',112,'0','0'])); However, you may need to come in upon noticing any fight in the breeding tank. 59. In the bodies of water Electric Blue Acara occupy, there are usually plants and vegetation floating on the surface. The aquarium should be divided into territories using hardy plants, if possible. Additionally, the fish may suffer weight loss; become restless and may sometimes rub its body against rocks and other hard surfaces. The fry are well protected by the parents, and once mated, they will continue to spawn once the fry have grown. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey fish is completely comfortable with light warm water, as it corresponds to the natural habitat. The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is a freshwater fish that originates in the murky warm waters of Central America...." May 20, 2019 #7 Coptapia Well Known. Experienced aquarists recommend sand or gravel substrates. It is almost identical to the Jack Dempsey, but the Electric Blue is a deep blue bodied fish with electric blue iridescent spots. They are more delicate, need almost perfect water parameters, the best tank environment you can provide, and then you have to figure out what each one will eat!! Jack Dempsy was famous for his merciless and aggressive attack in the ring. Fungal and bacterial infections may also occur as the immune system of the affected fish becomes dysfunctional or impaired.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'inlandaquatics_com-leader-3','ezslot_13',115,'0','0'])); Several medications like anthelmintics, formalin, praziquanteland some organophosphates have been found to be highly potent in getting rid of skin flukes. It's been 4 or 5 days and the jack demspey seems to be … Having a Jack Dempsey Fish is like a pet, just the same as having dogs or cats. About the body outline; Jack Dempsey fish as an oval body that is laterally compressed. There is no need for air or water pump since Jack Dempsey Fish lives in slow-moving water. The water hardness can be between 4-15 dGH and carbonates and bicarbonates (KH) measures can be 4-6 dGH; higher KH prevents large pH swings in your tank over time. They can consume different kinds of food, although they seem to have a great appetite for meaty diets. The trick to having it around for a long while is simply in doing what is needful as at when due. Get Latest Price. Jack Dempsey Fish is a beefy, compact oval-shaped fish. The dorsal fins are in red. When it comes down to this large cichlid like Jack Dempsey Fish is twice as important. The offered fishes are thoroughly medically examined by experts before providing to our clients. What food is right for Jack Dempsey Fish? It is recommended by experienced aquarists to choose an over-sized filter with a large cichlid like Jack Dempsey Fish. All the aquarists who have kept Jack Dempsey Fish have one thing common to say about whether experienced or inexperienced aquarium keepers is that it is rewarding. Permit me to chip this in: we all have different for keeping aquarium fishes, but beyond satisfying our hobby, having a Jack Dempsey in a well-set tank surely does the home interior a whole lot of good. ... temp is about 80 degrees with conditioned water. They spawn in burrows, laying up to 500 eggs. Most people don't know that the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is a Hybrid--that's how breeders get that great color. The very first thing that will appeal to you upon sighting the Jack Dempsey fish is its striking pearlescent coloration.It is very attractive, and full of colors; the skin is dark purple-grey and has iridescent scales of blue gold and green spread all over the body, the fins inclusive.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'inlandaquatics_com-box-3','ezslot_2',104,'0','0'])); Jack Dempsey fish size can be anywhere between 14 to 26 cms long when kept in right size aquarium and given right diet. Sort by. Each one should be able to defend themselves. Jack Dempsey Fish – Rocio Octofasciata is its scientific name; a species belongs to the Cichlidae Family, of over 1500 species that includes angelfish. They all swear by that they can’t think of having any other fish after Jack Dempsey Fish. Live plants like a Java Moss, Anubias, hornworts, pennyworts, or water lettuce can be grown in a tank with Cichlids. In addition to their native habitats, Jack Dempseys ha… All that waste sinks to the bottom of the tank and start decomposing. Archived. The size of the community tank must be appropriate for the number of Species being kept so as not to make your pet inconvenient thus sparking off its aggressiveness. The anals and dorsal fins of matured males are long and pointy, whereas females of the species have less prominent dorsal fins. Your … Share. Experienced aquarists, habitually choose a large filter, like a canister filter with multiple cylinders, when they consider bringing a large fish like Jack Dempsey for their aquarium. Once mating has occurred it is possible to produce … Jack Dempsey Cichlids are known to thrive in a diverse environment, where other tropical fishes could not survive. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey. Jack Dempsey fish are typically more hostile during spawning, and upon being ready to spawn, the pair pick out a choice substrate on which mating will take place. Tank Parameters. Baby Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciata) Building Up Aquarium. The male of the species can grow up to 15 inches and the females slightly shorter in length. It takes 3 days for the eggs to hatch; once hatched the parents collect the fry and keep them in a burrow in the substrate. It’s like the original fish. Water parameters etc are all fine. A build-up of these compounds in the tank may result in the breakout of diseases. The maximum limit for nitrates in the freshwater aquarium is 50 ppm. They are known for their fierce looks, vibrant colors, and great personalities. This is because of its aggressive tendencies towards tank mates –this fish does not always share its space peaceably with others; it will not tolerate intrusion.In essence, it is quite territorial; hence, it is best to leave them alone in the tank. Neophyte aquarists will not be able to imagine the size of these fishes when they grow up to adults. You need to consider a minimum of 55-gallon tank (210 liters)for every Jack Dempsey Fish. They are more susceptible to parasites and … They are seen inhabiting slow-moving water and can grow up to 25 cm long in the wild. And ehh the one in the picture will chase … They are durable and uses much less energy. Ever. However, he cannot be called completely docile, because he is a real predator who can easily eat any fish that can fit into his mouth. Jack Dempsey Fishes are prone to more territorial and aggressive in pairs. The Jack Dempsey are black in body with an overlay of beautiful iridescent green spots covering their body, fins and tails. This achieves compatibility and reduces the friction between them during their courtship. Jack Dempsey Cichlids’ life spans up to 15 years. If that's the stressed one then that's quite an impressive loss of colouration. If anybody knows why this is happening let me know and see pictures attached. Jack Dempseys are fundamentally carnivores. In a bid to feed your pet with a diet rich in protein, it is advisable that you avoid foods like beef heart and Poultry meat as these could bring about some digestive complications, especially when the fish is overfed with them. These types are possibly a modified form of wild Jack Dempsey Cichlids through selective breedings. In the wild, they hunt on crustaceans, insects, and other small fish. Jack Dempsey fish is native to Central America Atlantic hillsid… Lighting is purely aesthetical as long as you recreate the slow-moving murky water dim light in the aquarium tank where Jack Dempsey Fish lives. This Central and South American Cichlid receives its common name to the likeness of legendary boxer Jack Dempsy from the ’20s. Neutral water with soft to medium hardness, a pH of approximately 7.0, and temperatures of 78-82°F is recommended. Vallisneria, commonly known as eelgrass, tape grass, or Vallis provides a dense cover for the fish to explore. Is it simply down to luck getting them to adulthood? If you are planning to get more than one Jack Dempsey, it is better to keep them in a species-specific tank. They inhabit slow-moving, shallow waters, swampy, murky, muddy, and sandy waters. Here are some guidelines of ideal water parameters. Live plants like a Java Moss, Anubias, hornworts, pennyworts, or water lettuce can be grown in a tank with Cichlids. When setting up a home aquarium for start by selecting a proper substrate. A jack Dempsey fish can live upto 10-14 years in an aquarium. One of the most popular tropical aquarium cichlids, the Jack Dempsey is named for its similarity, both in facial appearance and aggressive behavior, to the legendary boxer. The levels of Ammonia and Nitrite should be 0, as minimum exposure to these toxic substances can stress your fish. How long do Jack Dempsey live? One another observation newbie aquarists share is that they are shocked to see its slow growth (a couple of months); Do not forget the fact that with the right care and environment their life spans up to 15 years. So, to start with;the dorsal fin and the anal fin of the male Jack Dempsey fish are usually longer and pointier than those of the female. Jack Dempsey is a boisterous and gorgeous looking fish that are favorite to the most passionate aquarists. It’s only a 55 sand bottom for the two of them but I plan to upgrade. Although they are less aggressive than their original counterparts, nevertheless, they are territorial and aggressive enough. Note that this separation should only go ahead after you must have found a compatible Pair – that is, male and female that get along very well. SunSun External canister filter Review – Is this the right choice? 12 Best Aquarium Power Filters 2020 Guide. The novice aquarists and those who have used to keeping peaceful and docile fish such as Ember Tetra will have quite a difficult time with your gorgeous and powerful Jack Dempsey Fish. Appropriate water parameters for S. fryeri include a pH range of 7.8 to 8.6 and temperature range of 75° to 82°F (23° to 28°C). Close. As per their natural habitat, a soft sandy substrate is the best choice. The couple should be fed with protein-rich diets for about 3 – 4 weeks with the temperature set at 28°C. It is essential that you create a very clean substrate and maintain good hygiene within the tank. Apr 21, 2019 #2 TheBettaSushi Well Known. Some LED’s allows you to customize the light colors to highlight the fish colors. Jackey Dempsey should be housed in a tank with a minimum carrying capacity of about 190 liters – and maybe a bigger tank depending on the number of fish you are attempting to keep therein. Additionally, multiple stripes run along the fish’s body, and there is a black band on the caudal fin. Differentiating between the male and female Jack Dempsey fish is not so much of a difficult task. They all swear by that they can’t think of having any other fish after Jack Dempsey Fish. Check the water parameters weekly once and adjust them, Make sure to feed them with a balanced diet, Take good care while introducing a new fish into the tank. Keep the aquarium water clean. Long-term exposure to Ammonia and Nitrite can make the fish vulnerable to many diseases. Fluorescent aquariums bulbs are common as they highlight artificial colors of aquarium substrate, plastic plants, and ornaments. The temperature of the water needs to be on the higher side of 79-84°F (26-29°C) with a neutral pH. Experienced aquarists suggest it would be best to bring a male and a female that have grown up together in a separate tank. 78-80 degrees. They stay and swim mostly in the middle and lower levels. So, it becomes doubly important to run the filtration system to maintain a required level of Dissolved Oxygen in the water. Another commonly found variety is the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey. The female eventually moves to lay the egg around a corner or in a hiding spot; the male follows after her to fertilize the eggs. It is not very often you will come across a freshwater fish that bears a human name, but if there is an Oscar, then the Jack Dempsey fish should not be a strange one. Member. Furthermore, the spots on the body of the female are known to be fewer than what is found on the male’s body. But … They are native to South Mexico rivers, Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala rivers. Jack Dempsey fish can tolerate poor water quality to some extent, but this would undoubtedly shorten their lifespan. The tank should have a dark sandy substrate – finely grained sand should be utilized.

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