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  • A Q&A with Christopher Nolan about his new film Dunkirk July 21, 2017
    Christopher Nolan “Dunkirk,” Christopher Nolan’s nail-biting World War II epic thriller about the heroic evacuation of 300,000 plus British soldiers from invading enemy forces in May 1940 lives up to its hype. The film, which officially opens Friday, is both an artistic and pop culture achievement. It has already received ... [Read More] The post […]
    Paula Schwartz
  • Out of the box: Gremlin review July 21, 2017
    Gremlin The Good: The “gremlin’ portrayed in the movie was a creepy little bugger.  Long, lanky limbs and a little face with a big ole mouth with sharp teeth and no eyes.  Ewww.  I thought the movie was well made.  Did not look low budget.  Scenes transitioned well between one ... [Read More] The post […]
    Sonia Rosario
  • What Killed “The Cincinnati Kid”? July 20, 2017
    The Cincinnati Kid There are diseases that become forever associated with a famous victim. Michael J. Fox is active with research for Parkinson’s Disease. Mary Tyler Moore was a lifelong diabetic. Jerry Lewis, although not a victim of the disease, will always be associated with the marathon television fundraisers he ... [Read More] The post […]
    Connie Wilson
  • The Ice Cream Truck is a Hot Melty Mess July 20, 2017
    The Ice Cream Truck THE GOOD   Nothing really good about this one. Didn’t get it at all.     THE BAD The acting was subpar.  The title of the movie is The Ice Cream Truck and they only showed the truck a few times.  Seems like they were focusing ... [Read More] The post […]
    Sonia Rosario
  • LEATHERFACE trailer July 18, 2017
    Hello horror movie fans!  The trailer for Leatherface, the prequel to the classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has arrived and boy does it look sick, in a good way.  Can’t wait to check this baby out and give you guys a Horror Flick Chick review.  Terrifying as you may imagine ... [Read More] The post […]
    Sonia Rosario
  • REVIEW: War For The Planet Of The Apes Is A Solid Finish To A Great Reboot July 15, 2017
    I went into this movie expecting a solid Planet Of The Apes film, and that is exactly what I got. War For The Planet Of The Apes Is humanity challenging, with a true dark and thrilling tone. The real question is, was it better than it’s predecessor? THE GOOD: War For ... [Read More] The post […]
    Matthew Dandridge
  • Bonejangles: The Horror Flick Chicks Review July 14, 2017
      Synopsis While transporting the legendary killer Bonejangles, a group of police break down in a town cursed with monsters, and must release him to survive! The Good This movie was all kinds of awful.  I feel obligated though to pluck out something I enjoyed about it.  Any horror fan ... [Read More] The post […]
    Sonia Rosario
  • A Ghost Story Review: An Interesting Out Of Body Experience July 14, 2017
    This was a movie I had decided to go into blindly, as I had only read the synopsis, and had seen no trailers. All I knew is this was going to be an interesting indie, that was not going to be your typical movie, or ghost story. . . THE ... [Read More] The post […]
    Matthew Dandridge
  • From Russia With Love: David Interviews Albert Goikhman July 9, 2017
    David Black interviews one of the most prolific actors of the Australian indie movie industry – Albert Goikhman! Hi everyone. Today I am going to be chatting to one of the hardest working actors in the Australian indie movie industry.  I met Albert Goikhman a year ago on the set ... [Read More] The post […]
    David Black
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming Video Review (Spoiler Free) July 8, 2017
    If you haven’t checked out my written review of the latest MCU hit, Spider-Man: Homecoming, be sure to do so, because it goes into every spoiler free reason of why you don’t want to not see this movie (coming from a die-hard DC fan). Anyway, if you have, watch as ... [Read More] The post […]
    Matthew Dandridge
  • REVIEW: Spider-Man: Homecoming Is One Of The BEST Spider-Man Movies EVER!! July 8, 2017
    I went into Spider-Man: Homecoming with mild expectations, and boy was this a great idea, because those expectations were absolutely blown out of the park!  THE GOOD: There is so much good to cover about Spider-Man: Homecoming, so to get the full spiel, you are just going to have to ... [Read More] The post […]
    Matthew Dandridge
  • Must See Movies Of The Week July 7, 2017
    July is underway and that means another week of home releases and limited theatrical. The week of July 4 (Happy Birthday America) brings forth a smaller amount of releases, but there are a couple you definitely must see. This week I’m highlighting The Zookeepers Wife and Song To Song. THE ... [Read More] The post […]
    Jim Alexander