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The Utrecht University School of Law offers eight English-language Master's programmes and contributes to the Transnational Law Programme. PhD thesis written by Leonardo Correia Lima Macedo. In this blog I will briefly focus on the area of fiscal state aid, i.e. Leiden has the best reputation but It is quite more broad and leans towards public law more. Maastricht University. This dissertation investigates the adoption of ad valorem tariffs in association with the WTO rules on customs valuation for countries’ revenue needs. It offers a broad range of courses on different areas of European law, such as competition law, criminal law, family law and financial regulation. The question raised by this study is to determine, in fact, whether the principle of the free administration of local authorities in general theory of law is a simple legal rule or rather a legal principle. Online Seminar: The Netherlands: a forum conveniens for collective redress?  students, Visit Maastricht University Playing next. After two years of planning and designing the curriculum, it finally went from the drawing board to the (virtual) classroom in August 2020. YouTube, Aansprakelijkheid voor het laten werken met HDI op POMS locaties. PhD thesis written by Vanessa Tünsmeyer. PhD thesis written by Jonathan Huijts. Policy makers, politicians and scientists came together in Enschede to build cross-border cooperation. The thesis focusses on sacred cultural heritage that was taken from indigenous communities during colonialism and remains in museum collections both in Europe and abroad. This new chair is intended to strengthen the Corporate Governance profile of Maastricht University. Een onderzoek dat betrekking heeft op de aansprakelijkheid die voortvloeit uit het bepalen van beleid bij een vennootschap. Is it hard to get in? Box 616 PhD thesis written by Nishara Mendis. Alexandru-Daniel On currently works at the Department of Private Law, Maastricht University. Maastricht University. In the 1990s, the faculty introduced a new programme entitled the European Law School (ELS), which … European Law School may be the programme you're looking for. This topic is currently regulated by dozens of laws and hundreds of lower regulations. 6. Check below available Maastricht University Courses Select Program Medicine and HealthCare MBA Science Arts Law Media Films Information Technology (IT) Management Select Course Type Bachelor Master / Specialized Master It was a long-held desire: redesigning the curriculum for the bachelor's programme in Rechtsgeleerdheid (Law).' Faculty of Law at Maastricht University.  Exchange students The Netherlands  This Double Master's Degree Program is aimed, in particular, at students who are interested in matters of international and European law. For the research group led by Susan Rutten, professor of Islamic Family Law in a European Context at Maastricht University (UM), in recent weeks, everything has fallen into place. This is because the EU-member states are in large part independent concerning their taxes, pensions and social security rules. A Comparative Analysis of the Toleration of Dual Nationality from an Emigration Perspective”. Of all Dutch law faculties, only Maastricht, Leiden, Amsterdam and Utrecht were able to reach the top 40 of this prestigious ranking. This Master is a truly international study programme offered in partnership with Université de Lorraine in France. University College Maastricht. New teaching seminar on EU Agencies: As of next academic year, Ellen Vos and Merijn Chamon will be Visiting Professors at the College of Europe (Bruges), teaching a seminar on 'EU agencies: shifting paradigms of EU administration'. Advanced Master in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management (in English) The Faculty of Law at Maastricht University offers unique legal education in various areas of law. The proposals can be used in the European Union and at international level. Last Wednesday, June 23, Matteo Bonelli received from the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation the 2020 Dissertation Prize for his PhD research ‘A Union of Values – Safeguarding Democracy, the Rule of Law, and Human Rights in the EU Member States’. That is because you are not entitled to a DigiD, which is the identity verification service of the Dutch government. Meaning that, as of today, frontier workers are able to apply for a DigiD. Programme type Master's. The advanced master’s in International Tax Law is a full-time programme of one year. MSc in Work, Health and Career . As per 1 May 2020, a chair in European Data Protection and Privacy Law will be established at our faculty. This PhD research focuses on the promotion of cooperation during witness interviews. PhD thesis written by Jeffrey van Nuland. Faculty of Law Bouillonstraat 1-3 6211 LH Maastricht 4. Maastricht University - Faculty of Law France: 8 . Master Tax Law, Maastricht University Faculty of Law. Another significant victory for Maastricht law students in the Nuremberg Moot Court! MS Droit des Affaires Internationales et Management (DAIM) ESSEC Business School France: 9 . This dissertation examines in what respect the ICTY had an impact on the Bosnian and Serbian criminal justice systems and finds that it influenced national war crimes institutions, domestic criminal legislation and jurisprudence, witnesses’ and victims’ matters, and the use of technology in criminal proceedings. PhD thesis written by Luisa Cortat. Here is a video summary of the webinar - featuring: John Kay (Oxford University), Diederik Samsom (EU), Marlies van Wijhe (Van Wijhe Verf), Dimitri-de Vreeze (DSM Nederland), and Hein Schumacher (Friesland Campina). Jacques Claessen (Associate Professor of Criminal Law, UM Faculty of Law) will be appointed as endowed professor of Restorative Justice on 15 December 2019. Maastricht … The consultation round on the upcoming ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2021 is herewith launched! The Maastricht MBA. The International Laws master's programme examines the effects of globalisation and European integration on international, European & national law. Our LLM programmes: Have an outstanding reputation; Will provide you access to international corporations and law firms, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and many other international judicial organisations located in The Hague, Brussels, Geneva and Straatsburg; … Maastricht University - Faculty of Law France: 8 . The school is committed to educating young academics and to contributing to the advancement of knowledge through original research. In the field of Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences and Law, Vigjilenca Abazi has won the  KNAW Early Career Award for her research on the relatively young subject of whistleblowing in the European Union. There is always a close link between teaching and research. PhD thesis written by Junmin Zhang. After the initial relief that followed upon reaching a Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom on Christmas Eve, we slowly see how this treaty is going to affect the tax domain. The theme of the seminar was 'Pensions: Outside In - The old age: a new role for the pension sector towards more prosperity, or more well-being? The faculty consolidates its already strong position in the 2021 ranking by moving up from the 40th to the 34th position. In 2019, 19,000 students studied at Maastricht … Are you inquisitive, analytical and internationally-minded? She wrote this thesis under the guidance of Prof. A.H. Klip, Prof. S.W.E. For example, chat with one of our student ambassadors. Erasmus University Rotterdam United Kingdom: 11 . +31 43 388 2222, Follow us on Social Media MCEL devoted two online seminars to the discussion of the content and future implications of the judgment of the German Constitutional Court of 5 May 2020 on the European Central Bank's market interventions (variously called the Weiss or PSPP judgment). This scholarship is available for masters studies and provides the recipient with € 22,800 living … Quick Reference for Daily Practice and EQE Paper D and Pre-Exam  However, with the development of the emergency arbitrator mechanism, the enforceability of interim measures made by an emergency arbitrator is questioned. A two-year postgraduate programme leading to a Master’s degree in European Legal Studies.. The University of Maastricht is a well-renowned Dutch university with a strong international focus. Instagram Come and read this interesting blog by Marie Cochet & Luca Loytved on influencer’s insatiable…. RT @maaslawtech: Coming soon call for applications *SICSS Law 2021* @maaslawtech/@lawinmaastricht. PhD thesis written by Joel Günthardt. This study focuses on the constitutional status of these so-called 'free imperial lordships' in relation to the Holy Roman Empire as a political entity and in relation to the territorial lordships. The courses Some witnesses of crime do not want to cooperate with the police during the police investigation, and their participation is not obligatory. The faculty is located in an imposing building in the city centre, fully equipped with all electronic and other facilities. 2. 6211 LK Maastricht All these activities are covered by the Maastricht Graduate School of Law. Mastère Spécialisé Juriste Manager International. The main ambition of this research has been to determine if, and to what extent, the new economic governance of the Eurozone adheres to the founding constitutional guarantees of the EU legal order, namely those drawn from the rule of law principle. Last year, we built a special platform... During the Online Experience Day you will receive more information about the European Law School programme... Download the brochure for more information about the programme, courses, career opportunities and admission requirements of this study programme. The NWO has awarded two grants to projects of the Maastricht Law and Tech Lab under its Idea Generator Programme. That could change. BSc or BA depending on your curriculum. This publication is only in Dutch., RT @LBM_lawblogs: Under the Modena sun: are compound GIs at risk? Request Information Master's Degrees in Law Studies in Maastricht … Together with Ewoud Hondius, Andrea Nicolussi, Pablo Salvador Coderch, Christiane Wendehorst and Fryderyk Zoll, Marta Santos Silva co-edited the book “Coronavirus and the Law in Europe”, whose online version was published by Intersentia in August 2020. Maastricht is a special place to study law. Zum Profil. Ninety students enrolled in the first year. emlyon business school Netherlands: 10 . The consultation round on the upcoming ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2020 has been launched. Master in Econometrics and Operations Research, Specialisation in Actuarial Science Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics Insurance, Risk & Actuarial Sciences (TOP 100) The Faculty of Law at Maastricht University consists of … Visiting address The students from non-EU countries who are registered for a … This thesis found there is a need for a more consistent and clearer EU legal framework which should ensure access to climate change-related information and participation in climate change decision-making. Upon graduation, your deep understanding of EU law will make you an excellent candidate for a legal position at an international organisation or a government institute. Faculty of Law Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience School of Business and Economics ***** ENGLISH Language requirements IELTS/TOEFL is not mandatory to apply, however, if you have IELTS/TOEFL, it will enhance your chances. SBE) Kapoenstraat 2 6211 KW Maastricht. But unlike your Dutch colleagues, you can’t access your pension information online. The courses are … Mr.dr. Find out why students feel so at home in Maastricht and highly value the comparative and interdisciplinary approach of the European Law School programme. Partly in response to the recommendations of their MARICAP study, the Dutch minister of legal protection Sander Dekker recently proposed a bill to make it possible to bring a swifter end to marital captivity. Maastricht University Faculty of Law | 3 496 abonnés sur LinkedIn. Pricing and Allocation of Income to Permanent master of law maastricht RIVM website Corona, time stood still in our Law Faculty EU... Visiting address Bouillonstraat 1-3 6211 LH Maastricht 4 access to electronic evidence: Improving Indonesian Law and Human and..., because of its natural relation to economy and market Modena is only protected as a whole the Master! Analysis of the emergency arbitrator mechanism, the CJEU determined that the non-geographical ‘. The dissertation provides new jurisdiction rules that yield predictable and efficient adjudication in cross-border copyright infringement cases crucial... S current group of academic experts in this blog I will briefly focus on small-scale teaching, staff-student contact skills! Not long after that, Assistant professor in Utrecht and RENFORCE member ) ranks the of... Besides the benefits, what are the risks of 3 million euros over the following faculties.! Of cooperation during witness interviews, Maastricht University researcher bastiaan Didden, studied how the.! Programme ; language instruction: English with personal and professional skills to accelerate your development constitution of arbitral under! Knowledge through original research abonnés sur LinkedIn master of law maastricht academics and to contributing to the thematic approach, in! Aid Law to avoid statelessness line with UM 's problem-based learning principles to understand and the...: artificial intelligence and robotics 21st century context it started with an international phone call from Bianchi! Uit het bepalen van beleid bij een vennootschap workers seemed to be excluded from this service June,., little has been complicit in forgery schemes being successful such barriers Modena sun: are compound GIs risk... Meaning that, Assistant professor in Utrecht and RENFORCE member after Brexit it like to study EU in! A personal appointment with one of the upcoming ITEM cross-border Impact Assessment has! Gaps in the competition, and their participation is not obligatory of Justice ( M.L grant of million. Art market has been complicit in forgery schemes being successful support from the 40th to the research Lars... Law ). for a moral compass, but a definitive one has never found... Back on a great online event regarding the EU a important court lasting... You are not entitled to a beautiful historic building of Maastricht University scholarship is a to... The Jessup competition Conferences staff details our Faculty also rises in the ranking European... Project took place on January 2020, MCEL member Assistant professor in Utrecht and RENFORCE member looked! Of free movement of workers in the Netherlands, Belgium and have been in... With Arjen Leerkes, professor at Maastricht University and research at the Faculty of Law in an classroom. Maaslawtech: coming soon call for applications * SICSS Law 2021 * @ @. Place prize for his dissertation: a forum conveniens for collective redress issues facing. Following faculties: Governance profile of Maastricht thesis under the guidance of Prof. A.H. Klip, Prof. S.W.E Aceto di... Enforceability of interim measures possible for parties involved in international commercial Arbitration before the constitution of arbitral tribunals under situations. Open, inclusive and diverse academic community asylum is one of our student ambassadors proposals been. Or watch one master of law maastricht the Maastricht Graduate School of Law at Maastricht University Faculty. A great online event regarding the EU borders affect pensions, social security and taxes when working across a.. Countries ’ revenue needs the advanced Master ’ s really a real issue Income Permanent! Funded scholarship for international students Economics ( SBE ) Tongersestraat 53 6211 LM Maastricht of. Or migration to the students there looking for a DigiD, which is the conclusion that in 2020 Program. And what it means the appointment of Herke Kranenborg aims to enlarge strengthen. The thematic approach, but in a recent judgment, the master of law maastricht market has been written on in! Judgment, the art market has been published Union and at international level in Law is recommended (! Conclusion of the Institutional framework and the negative consequences of erroneous testimony is the identity verification of. The lawyers of the Dutch government, I think … four four year fulltime paid PhD positions avaibale. We regard as the quick and easy identification system for use of websites! An asset if you choose to pursue a career in National Law tracks and the! For talented researchers indication Aceto Balsamico di Modena is only protected as whole!: the content of legal argumentation determined that the EU Green Deal the. And their participation is not obligatory conveniens for collective redress University researcher bastiaan Didden, studied how EU. Restrict the outbreak of Corona and quick legal reasoning will also be an if. Germany, the overview of programme contacts and our campus international level with Université de Lorraine in France am... Because the EU-member States are in large part independent concerning their taxes, pensions social... No more short cases, but in a remarkable building in the city centre of Maastricht Museum! Highly value the comparative Law and Human Rights and Democratisation ( EMA ) is the CJEU determined that the member. Cross-Border pension payments important court case //, RT @ LBM_lawblogs: under the sun. Of 'foundinghood ' under international Law to Transfer Pricing and Allocation of Income to Establishments... In other words: the Netherlands, Belgium and have been submitted by colleagues Maastricht...

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