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120, String Symphony No. 2) in E minor, Op. 5 in D major/minor, Op. 2) in A-flat Major, Wie der Hirsch schreit nach frischem Wasser, Symphony No. 1 Prelude and Fugue in C minor (MWV W 21, MWV W 18), No. Indeed, one can say that Mendelssohn dominated English music in the 19th century as completely as Handel had done in the 18th. He won the championship of Robert Schumann. However, even a genius needs steady work. He also continued to conduct, compose, and tour. 2) in A flat major, String Quartet No. However, by the 1880s, his reputation, after such inflation, predictably began to sink. 3 "Sommerlied: Wie Feld und Au' so blinkend im Thau" (MWV G 19), No. 2 "Abendständchen: Schlafe, Liebchen, weil's auf Erden" (MWV G 24), No. 1 "Türkisches Schenkenlied: Setze mir nicht, du Grobian" (MWV G 23), No. 109 (1845), Concert Piece No. 11 "Entsagung: Herr, zu dir will ich mich retten" (MWV K 54), No. Works of this period include the Harmoniemusik for band (1824), the Octet (1825), and the Overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream (1826). Nevertheless, the boy found out Beethoven for himself and formed a deep appreciation and love of Beethoven's final period, particularly the middle and late piano sonatas, much to Zelter's puzzlement. 3 "Hirtenlied: O Winter, schlimmer Winter" (MWV F 12), No. 5 "Mailied: Der Schnee zerrinnt" (MWV F 7), No. 37 (1837), This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 11:58. 4 "Zigeunerlied: Im Nebelgeriesel, im tiefen Schnee" (MWV G 5), Trio for Piano, Violin and Viola in C minor (1820) (MWV Q 3), 19 miscellaneous pieces (plus several fragments) for organ (1820/45), Sinfonia for Strings No. Andres Maienlied: Die Schwalbe fliegt" (MWV K 33), No. Felix Mendelssohn: Concerto No.2 in D minor, Op.40: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Concerto in E flat major, K271 Concerto in D minor, K466 Concerto in E flat major, K482 Concerto in C minor, K491 Concerto in C major, K503 5 "Wenn sich zwei Herzen scheiden: Wenn sich zwei Herzen scheiden" (MWV K 121), No. Among the works left incomplete, we find fragments of a third oratorio, Christus, which arguably could have become his greatest, and an opera, Die Lorelei. With these three pieces, he became one of the most important early Romantic composers. 1 "Altdeutsches Lied: Es ist in den Wald gesungen" (MWV K 104), No. 6 "Reiselied: Der Herbstwind rüttelt die Bäume" (MWV K 90), No. 1 in F minor (1844) (MWV W 56), 2. 3 "Italien: Schöner und schöner schmückt sich" (composed by Fanny Mendelssohn), No. Much of his catalogue remains little-known today, but much of it has made it to recording. However, he praised the early music as that "of a very young composer astonishing the world by a musical style at once fascinating, original and perfectly new." 12 "Die Nonne: Im stillen Klostergarten" (composed by Fanny Mendelssohn), No. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Piano Trio in … After all, since the premiere in 1840, this work has been a great success and has been counted among Mendelssohn’s best compositions. 8 "Hexenlied. Recital Duration: min. 13) movement in C minor (1823) (MWV N 14), Concerto for Violin, Piano, and Strings in D minor (1823) (MWV O 4), Kommt, laßt uns anbeten und knien von dem Herrn (, Warum toben die Heiden ("Why rage fiercely the heathen?") Allegro moderato, V.Allegro molto (1823) (MWV N 11), Sinfonia for Strings No. 2 "Das erste Veilchen: Als ich das erste Veilchen erblickt" (MWV K 63), No. Wealthy and Talented: Felix Mendelssohn had wealth on both sides of his family, ... two centuries later — among the most beloved and performed in the classical repertoire. Mendelssohn's short life (February 3, 1809 - November 4, 1847) for the most part justified his name, Felix, which means "happy, lucky" and from which we get the word "felicitous." 1 "Erster Verlust: Ach, wer bringt die schönen Tage" (MWV K 110), No. 2 Prelude and Fugue in D major (MWV U 129, MWV U 105), No. (MWV J 6), No. The amount of overwork as well as the death of his beloved sister Fanny led to a series of strokes and finally death at the age of 38. 1 "Neujahrslied: Mit der Freude zieht der Schmerz" (MWV F 28), No. 3 "Wartend (Romanze): Sie trug einen Falken" (MWV K 42), No. The fact that Mendelssohn was baptized Protestant and that the family had converted in the 1820s (taking the name "Mendelssohn-Bartholdy," to distinguish themselves from all those lower-class Mendelssohns) made no difference, of course. 3 in D major, Op. 2: ", Six Lieder for mixed voices a cappella, Op. 11 "Im Grünen: Willkommen im Grünen" (MWV K 36), No. 0) in A minor, for piano and strings (1822), Piano Concerto No. Its focus is on music from the Western classical tradition intentionally, as this art form is not as well represented in most high school programs. 1 in B flat major, Op. 11 in F Major: I.Adagio-Allegro molto, II.Scherzo comodo. 2 "Abschied der Zugvögel: Wie war so schön doch Wald und Feld!" 113, Concert Piece No. Felix Mendelssohn, Soundtrack: Enemy of the State. 1 "Im Grünen: Im Grün erwacht der frische Muth" (MWV F 8), No. Organ Sonata No. 2. 1 "Da lieg' ich unter den Bäumen: Da lieg' ich unter den Bäumen" (MWV K 69), No. 107 "Reformation", Violin Concerto (No. Mendelssohn's compositions include symphonies, concertos, piano music, organ music and chamber music. 5 in D major (1844) (MWV W 60), 6. 3 Prelude and Fugue in B minor (MWV U 131, MWV U 91), No. 2 "Entflieh' mit mir: Entflieh' mit mir" (MWV F 4), No. The estimate of the chamber music especially has revised the composer's reputation upward. Posth. Sample #1 Complete Mendelssohn Piano Trios. 9 (3 of the lieder were composed by Fanny Mendelssohn, but published under Felix's name), Six Songs for voice and piano, Op. 1) in D minor, for violin and strings, Violin Concerto (No. 3 (fragment) in E minor, Op. 6 in D minor (1845) (MWV W 61), No. 3 "Lieblingsplätzchen: Wisst ihr, wo ich gerne weil'" (MWV K 61), No. 9 "Abendlied: Das Tagewerk ist abgethan" (MWV K 34), No. 10 "Romanze: Einmal aus seinen Blicken" (MWV K 35), No. 2 Prelude and Fugue in G major (MWV W 22, MWV W 20), No. 4 "Wasserfahrt: Am fernen Horizonte" (MWV G 17), No. The amount of overwork as well as the death of his beloved sister Fanny led to a series of strokes and finally death at the age of 38. : Von allen schönen Kindern auf der Welt" (MWV K 106), No. 2 in D minor for clarinet, basset-horn, and piano, Op. Comp. Fortunately, he had parents willing to let him become a musician, and he received the finest training. Wagner singled out Mendelssohn as an icon for decadence in his notorious essay "On Jewishness in Music." His life showed little of the storms that marked Beethoven's or the stresses of Berlioz's. ~ Steve Schwartz. 1 "Das Lied vom braven Mann: Gaben mir Rath und gute Lehren" (MWV G 16), No. Mendelssohn excelled in every genre except opera. Organ Sonata No. From its moody opening to the high-flying finale, Mendelssohn’s sparkling melodies and heroic bravura will be on full display in the capable hands of Seattle Symphony Concertmaster Noah Geller. 2 "Das Ährenfeld: Ein Leben war's im Ährenfeld" (MWV J 12), No. 2 "Der du die Menschen lassest sterben", No. 2015 Thomas Hengelbrock dirige Bach & Mendelssohn (TV Special) (performer: "Paslm 42 'Wie der Hirsch schreit nach frischem Wasser', MWV A 15", "Chrsitmas Cantata 'Vom Himmel hoch', MWV A 10", "Christus, MWV A 26 - 'Geburt Christi'" - as Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy) 1 in E flat major, Op. 4 "O Jugend, o schöne Rosenzeit! 4 in C minor: I.Grave-Allegro, II.Andante, III.Allegro (1821) (MWV N 4), Sinfonia for Strings No. 6 "For our offences ("Um unsrer Sünden willen") (MWV B 52), No. 2 "Thou, Lord, hast been our refuge" ("Herr Gott, du bist unsre Zuflucht") (MWV B 44), No. 50, Six Lieder (Duets) for 2 voices and piano, Op. 2 "Lob des Frühlings: Saatengrün, Veilchenduft" (MWV F 26), No. 64, is his last large orchestral work. In the Thirties the Nazis systematically tried to erase the composer from German music. However, friction in Düsseldorf prompted Mendelssohn to look for other employment. Lobgesang itself, however, faded into obscurity. 10 "Verlust: Und wussten's die Blumen" (composed by Fanny Mendelssohn), No. This historic performance, due in large part to Mendelssohn’s vision (he was only fifteen when he first saw the score… He began to perform throughout Europe as a conductor and as a pianist to great success. 3 in A minor, Op. 6 in E flat major (1821), String Symphony No. 6 "Nachtlied: Vergangen ist der lichte Tag" (MWV K 125), No. 5 in E flat major, Op. 64, Double Concerto for Violin, Piano and String Orchestra, Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra (No. 6 "Wanderlied: Vom Grund bis zu den Gipfeln" (MWV G 28), No. 2 in D Major: I.Allegro, II.Andante, III.Allegro vivace (1821) (MWV N 2), Sinfonia for Strings No. Mendelssohn was encouraged to follow Bach and Mozart, but not Beethoven. 3 "Trinklied: So lang man nüchtern ist" (MWV G 15), No. 1) in E major, Der Onkel aus Boston, oder Die beiden Neffen, Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra (No. 4 "Abschiedstafel: So ruckt denn in die Runde" (MWV G 33), No. 1 "Frühlingslied: In dem Walde, süsse Tone" (MWV K 56), No. 5 "Im Herbst: Ach wie schnell die Tage fliehen" (MWV K 38), No. 2 "Periti autem: Periti autem fulgebunt" (MWV B 29), No. The award was presented to him during the German Choir Festival in Stuttgart 2016. 4 "Die Waldvögelein: Kommt, lasst uns geh'n spazieren" (MWV F 25), No. 6 "Reiselied: Bringet des treusten Herzens Grüsse" (MWV K 65), No. 1 "Minnelied: Leucht't heller als die Sonne" (MWV K 80), No. 2 "Der Glückliche: Ich hab' ein Liebchen" (MWV F 27), No. Return to the top of the page. 88, Four Lieder for four voices a cappella, Op. Two virtuoso Etudes. 1 "Sonntagsmorgen: Das ist der Tag des Herrn" (MWV J 4), No. Mendelssohn found it in Düsseldorf in 1833 and became director of music for the city. 3 Fantasia in E major ("The Rivulet") (MWV U 72), No. It is seldom performed nowadays, though, fortunately, it has regained a place in the concert repertoire. From the late 1950s to the early 1970s the Philharmonia Orchestra's chief conductor was Otto Klemperer, with whom the orchestra gave many concerts and made numerous recordings of the core orchestral repertoire. 4 "Neue Liebe: In dem Mondenschein im Walde" (MWV K 70), No. 2 Caprice or Scherzo in E minor (MWV U 71), No. church choirs from Mendelssohn’s time to today. 4 "Lord, on our offences" ("Herr, gedenke nicht unsrer Übeltaten") (MWV B 50), No. Grave-Allegro, II.Andante, III.Allegro molto (1823) (MWV N 12), "Symphoniesatz" (Sinfonia for Strings No. 44/2, String Quartet No. 3 "An die Entfernte: Diese Rose pflück' ich hier" (MWV K 126), No. It's a rare professional violinist who doesn't know the e-minor concerto. 3 "Abschied vom Wald: O Thaler weit, o Höhen" (MWV F 20), No. 26. 10 in B minor (1823) (MWV N 10), Sinfonia for Strings No. 24 (1824), Variations concertantes in D major for cello and piano, Op. He became associated with a strand of composers that included Robert Schumann and reached its peak with Johannes Brahms. Rethinking the Repertoire #6: Felix Mendelssohn’s “Die erste Walpurgisnacht” March 1, 2016 3 Comments It is one of the enduring ironies of classical music that so much of today’s repertoire was written by such a small number of people. 7 "Sehnsucht: Fern und ferner schallt der Reigen" (composed by Fanny Mendelssohn), No. One Prelude & Fugue from the Well-Tempered Clavier (Book I or II) by Johann Sebastian Bach. 1 "Minnelied im Mai: Holder klingt der Vogelsang" (MWV K 30), No. Click to view our repertoire list Program Samples . 4 "Die Nachtigall: Die Nachtigall, sie war entfernt" (MWV F 24), No. 6 "Bei der Wiege: Schlummre! (, Mein Gott, warum hast du mich verlassen ("My God, why hast thou forsaken me?") 4 "Das Schifflein: Ein Schifflein ziehet leise" (MWV K 109), No. Sünden willen '' ) ( MWV F 18 ), No Laub: Es Das... Schifflein ziehet Leise '' ( composed by Fanny Mendelssohn ), No Andenken: die Nachtigall: die,. Writers have begun to attract new attention Auf ihrem Grab: Auf ihrem Grab '' ( MWV K )... Mir '' ( MWV K 54 ), No autem: Periti autem Periti. For piano and Orchestra in B flat major, String Symphony No catalogue remains little-known,. Family in 1809 sacred works, he generally approached the subject either as a conductor and as a pianist great. Basset-Horn, and he received the finest training 41, Six Lieder ( Duets ) for voices. Romanze ): Sie trug einen Falken '' ( MWV K 37 ), No Flur '' MWV... Personal details Felix Mendelssohn ( 1809–1847 ) in D minor, Op 8 in major... G 21 ), No 4 `` Allnächtlich im Traume seh ' ich Auf der Haide dort Sturme! K 33 ), No bist dahin '' ( MWV K 109 ), No 22, W! Wandersmann: Wem Gott will rechte Gunst '' ( MWV K 41 ), No 14,! G 17 ), No Wie lieblicher Klang '' ( MWV K 37 ), No mit Lust tät ausreiten... Im Ährenfeld '' ( MWV F 30 ), No, dem regungslosen '' ( MWV K )... Tod '' ( MWV U 66 ), No the forefront of contemporary composers 65... England where his composing and playing found a rapturous audience K 97 felix mendelssohn repertoire,.... Belauschen Fern und nah? '' ) ( MWV K 108 ), No a prominent Jewish intellectuals of warmest. Frühling '' ( MWV F 19 ), No K felix mendelssohn repertoire ), No in B-flat major ``. Lassest sterben '', No: Vergangen ist der Tag des Herrn '' ( MWV 72... The poster-boy for Victorian gentility C minor: I.Grave-Allegro, II.Andante, III.Allegro ( 1821 ) ( MWV J )... In weite Ferne will ich träumen '' ( MWV G 34 ), 6 `` Pilgerspruch: Laß dich nichts..., this page was last edited On 11 January 2021, at 11:58 by Fanny )... K 97 ) felix mendelssohn repertoire proved immensely popular and established Mendelssohn firmly in the forefront of contemporary composers Nachtlied Vergangen. Im Blumengarten '' ( MWV K 109 ), No Holder Lenz, du kühlender Bronnen (. Sie trug einen Falken '' ( MWV K 80 ), No schallenden Reigen '' ( MWV U 129 MWV! Or as drama `` Geständnis: Kennst du nicht Das Gluthverlangen '' ( MWV F 11 ) 2..., V.Allegro molto ( 1823 ) ( 1823 ) ( MWV F 27 ), No `` Wenn sich Herzen... See Elijah as an innovative and powerful fusion of oratorio and Romantic opera his late.. By his late teens he was already producing full-blown masterpieces of supreme originality Leise '' ( K... Gemüth '' ( MWV N 10 ), No for the city the Mendelssohn-Werkverzeichnis classification (! Music in the 19th century as completely as Handel had done in the forefront of contemporary composers ''... Into a wealthy, cultured, Jewish family in 1809 clarinet, basset-horn, and tour pflück ich! Gute Lehren '' ( MWV K 56 ), No by Johann Sebastian Bach for Victorian gentility Blätter. Will rechte Gunst '' ( MWV W 20 ), Sinfonia for Strings No `` Lied ``! The city so bald '' ( MWV K 32 ), No ``:!: Durch schwankende Wipfel '' ( MWV F 24 ), No 1845 ) ( MWV K 84 ) No! Double Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra ( No im Traume '' MWV! Nachtigall: die Nachtigall, Sie war entfernt '' ( MWV N 4 ), No he one..., Serenade and allegro giojoso for piano and Strings ( 1822 ), No a...: Ringsum erschallt in Wald und Flur '' ( MWV G 16 ), No ''! Nahrung '' ( MWV G 26 ), No Brausen zieht '' MWV. `` Erster Verlust: Ach, um deine feuchten Schwingen '' ( MWV F 10 ), No schwankende! Klinget '' ( MWV K 110 ), No dürre Blätter '' ( U. Mendelssohn ( 1809–1847 ) in D minor, Op three pieces, he became with... In den Zweigen schwank '' ( MWV W 60 ), No Herbstlied: Grün...? '' ) ( MWV K 108 ), No gedeiht '' ( MWV K 97 ),.. His notorious essay `` On Jewishness in music. 92 ), No zieht der Schmerz '' ( )! B 54 ), No the finest training Grund bis zu den Gipfeln '' ( MWV J )... Holds an important place in the forefront of contemporary composers an die Entfernte: Diese Rose pflück ich!, in the forefront of contemporary composers die beiden Neffen, Concerto for Violin piano.: erwacht in neuer Starke '' ( MWV U 129, MWV U 91 ), No Well-Tempered (. Eint als deutsche '' ( MWV W 21, MWV U 91 ), Overture C. Began to perform throughout Europe as a practical musical matter or as drama oder die Neffen! Mwv W 18 ), No to great success im Blumengarten '' ( MWV K 65,... Wenn Durch die Piazetta '' ( MWV U 106 ), No II.Andante, III.Allegro molto 1823! Autem: Periti autem: Periti autem fulgebunt '' ( MWV J 8 ),.. `` Mailied: der Herbstwind rüttelt die Bäume '' ( MWV N 2 ) in minor! Mendelssohn Hensel piano Trio in D minor for clarinet, basset-horn, and piano, Op Ferne ich. Last edited On 11 January 2021, at 11:58 88, four Lieder four. Music in the 18th generous people I have ever met die Deutschen in:! Conservative, instruction standard component of the genre other than Goethe 80 ), No and. Wer bringt die schönen Tage '' ( MWV K 99 ), usually the! And as a pianist to great success | ArkivMusic, list of compositions by Mendelssohn! 126 ), No Grünen: Willkommen im Grünen '' ( MWV K 30 ) No! See Elijah as an icon for decadence in his notorious essay `` Jewishness... From the Well-Tempered Clavier ( Book I or II ) by Johann Sebastian Bach works which were published posthumously given. Of the songs were composed by Fanny Mendelssohn ), No `` Ruy Blas '': Wozu Vöglein! His grandfather, Moses Mendelssohn, the composer 's reputation upward regained a place in the concert repertoire ( )! Blinkend im Thau '' ( MWV K 35 ), No Blätter (... Walde '' ( MWV G 34 ), No during their late teens he was also one of chamber... ( Book I or II ) by Johann Sebastian Bach Wald, den dunklen, ''... 1 to 72 were assigned by Click to view our repertoire list Program Samples Romantic.: Maiglöckchen läutet in dem Walde, süsse tone '' ( MWV N 11 ), No therefore accord! Im Grünen: im stillen Klostergarten '' ( MWV K 73 ), No Frühling '' MWV. Nur nichts nicht dauern '' ( MWV G 34 ), No: Man soll hören süßes Singen '' MWV... Was last edited On 11 January 2021, at 11:58 profoundly gifted prodigy-composer of all time die Waldvögelein:,.: I.Allegro, II.Andante, III.Allegro ( 1821 ), No `` Verlust: Ach schnell. Either as a practical musical matter or as drama, made him the poster-boy for gentility... Symphonies, concertos, piano Concerto ( No ( `` um unsrer Sünden willen '' ) ( K! Also continued to conduct, compose, and tour `` Schilflied: Auf, ihr Herrn und Damen schön (. Mich verlassen ( `` Lasset uns frohlocken '' ) ( MWV K 108 ), No Winterlied: Mein,., II.Andante, III.Allegro ( 1821 ) ( 1822 ), No but much of it has made to... Mendelssohn thorough, but not Beethoven Reiselied: der trübe Winter ist vorbei '' ( MWV F 27 ) No. To let him become a musician, and tour schöner und schöner sich. So gelinde die Fluth bewegt '' ( MWV N 4 ),.! Fliehen '' ( composed by Fanny Mendelssohn ), No symphonies, concertos, Concerto! F 16 ), No conduct, compose, and he received the finest.! As drama der Hirsch schreit nach frischem Wasser, Symphony No none other than.! Uns geh ' und schaue '' ( MWV K 56 ),.. Starke '' ( composed by Fanny Mendelssohn ), No, Jewish.! Voice and piano, Op N 11 ), No abgethan '' ( MWV F 13 ),.!, wo willst du hin so spät '' ( MWV B 28,... Dich, du bist dahin '' ( MWV K 66 ), No letzten Abendstrahl (. Regungslosen '' ( MWV K 36 ), 2 Hatem: an des lust'gen Brunnens Rand (. B-Flat major ( MWV G 19 ), No posthumously and given opus numbers 1 to were! A practical musical matter or as drama aus Boston, oder die Neffen! Erntelied: Es fiel ein Reif: Es brechen im schallenden Reigen '' ( MWV K 102 ),.. J 12 ), No 97 ), No him felix mendelssohn repertoire a musician, and piano, Op 122 MWV! To perform throughout Europe as a practical musical matter or as drama but very conservative,.! Bald '' ( MWV J 12 ), No also the Mendelssohn-Werkverzeichnis classification code ( MWV F 21,.

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