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A woman; one worthy of that name; one who is not a dishonour to her kind and sex, who is not brutish in her disposition and conversation. There is a very great scarcity of good people. Among all those in that thousand whom I have taken into intimate society with myself; whereby he also passeth a severe censure upon himself that he had associated himself with such persons, and not with the virtuous women, which doubtless there were in his time, as appears from Pr 31. Ecclesiastes 2 Solomon having pronounced all vanity, and particularly knowledge and learning, which he was so far from giving himself joy of that he found the increase of it did but increase his sorrow, in this chapter he goes on to show what reason he has to be tired of this world, and with what little reason most men are fond of it. This verse is connected with Ecclesiastes 7:26, which condemns the seducing woman, and is not therefore to be taken as an universal and unqualified condemnation of the sex, as Proverbs 12:4, etc., prove. It is credible enough that Solomon, with his thousand wives, did not find a good one among them; but see Proverbs 18:22; Proverbs 19:14; Proverbs 31:10. However that verse may be read as a declaration that, "No one knows what is good for man." Behold, saith the preacher — Or, the penitent, who speaks what he hath learned, both by deep study and costly experience; this have I found — And it is a strange thing, and worthy of your serious observation; counting one by one — Considering things or persons, very exactly and distinctly, one after another; to find out the account — That I might make a … So what is the advantage to their owners except to look on? Ecclesiastes belongs to the last part in the Hebrew Bible, the "writings" (Hebr. But in respect of the discovery of hearts and natures, whether in good or evil, it is harder to find out thoroughly the perfect disposition of a woman than of men; and that I take to be the meaning of this text. Lo, this only have I found — Though I could not find out all the streams of wickedness, and their infinite windings and turnings, yet I have discovered the fountain of it, original sin, and the corruption of nature, which is both in men and women; that God made our first parents, Adam and Eve, upright — Hebrew, right: without any imperfection or corruption, … Hebrew purpose or desire, put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Cause), App-6, for the effect of it. Yet seeketh — I returned to search again with more earnestness. 2. But he here speaks with godly sorrow. III. Woman, as "the weaker vessel," is receptive, rather than originating in respect to wisdom. One man - One whose good qualities quite satisfy our expectation. on "which I am still seeking but have not found. I hope to do justice to the true intent of the author. Luther says—"Women are created by God for their own kind of work, namely, for the management of the house, and the bringing up of children; and each one of us accomplishes that best to which God has created and called him. This entire section examines wise judgment, whether the source of our problems is God, fellow man, or ourselves.We must ask ourselves if we are truly making an effort to pursue holiness, without which, Paul says in Hebrews 12:14, “no one will see the Lord.”Is that where our problem lies? Choose a verse from 'Ecclesiastes 7' to begin your 'Verse-by-Verse' study of God's Word using the more than 100 commentaries available on Ecclesiastes 9:11. The general doctrine of the vanity of the creature laid down (Ecclesiastes 1:2) and explained, Ecclesiastes 1:3. ECCLESIASTES 7. He keeps his oath of allegiance that he has made before God ( Ecclesiastes 8:2).He does not resign from his service ( Ecclesiastes 8:3 a) or join in a revolt against the king ( Ecclesiastes 8:3 b). A woman - The number of Solomon‘s wives and concubines 1 Kings 11:3 was a thousand. Verses 2-4. Whoever has made himself acquainted with the general features of the Scripture mode of viewing things will at once acknowledge that Hitzig's view is an impossible one. He was very earnest and diligent in his inquiry; he took a great deal of pains, and was exceedingly solicitous; he sought with great intenseness of mind, and with an eager desire, to find out a chaste and virtuous woman among them all, but could not; one man among a thousand have I found; it is a great rarity to find a good manF14"Vir bonus et sapiens, qualem vix reperit unum, millibus e multio hominum, consultus Apollo." Ecclesiastes 7:10. These are as Gideon’s three hundred, when the wicked, as the Midianites, lie "like grasshoppers for multitude upon the earth," [ 7:7; 7:12] and as those Syrians, [1 Kings 20:27] they fill the country, they darken the air, as the swarms did the land of Egypt; and there is plenty of such dust heaps in every corner. Many a result has been arrived at, but the full possession of wisdom has not been gained. "Chiefest among ten thousand" (Song of Solomon 5:10). There ought to be no division between Ecclesiastes 10:20 and Ecclesiastes 11:1.. As if in contrast to the self-indulgence described in Ecclesiastes 10:16-19, the opposite virtue, readiness to give to others, is inculcated.The use of the word “bread” in both Ecclesiastes 10:19 (see the note) and Ecclesiastes 11:1 points the contrast. But undoubtedly it is not his intention to renounce all claim to the honour of being an "upright," "good" man. It was not given to Solomon, wise as he was, to limn the picture of the virtuous woman, but to another king whose wisdom was derived from the inspiration of his mother. Ecclesiastes 7:28. Bennet.). He That is higher, &c. = the high … on Ecclesiastes 7:28. The author only denies to women, what he does not attribute to himself. My second post was published today and the final post will be published soon. In fact, Solomon found the same thing that Jesus will later note, i.e. The wise man behaves appropriately in the presence of his king. It may be interpreted thus, One man, the Messiah, among all the sons of men, have I found, free from original sin; but one woman, among all the daughters of Eve, I have not found clear of it. Among — In that thousand whom I have taken into intimate society with myself. Compare the expression “one among a thousand” (marginal reference). Koheleth would get better figures today, both absolutely and proportionally. Idyll. Connected with Ecclesiastes 7:26, not an unqualified condemnation of the sex, as Proverbs 12:4; Proverbs 31:10, etc., prove. Ecclesiastes 7:28 while I was still searching but not finding— I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all. Of this fact Solomon seems to have had a dim perception when he gives those never-to-be-forgotten advises to the young man, to avoid the strange woman whose steps take hold on hell, and to live joyfully with the wife of his youth. Solomon, in the word "thousand," alludes to his 300 wives and 700 concubines (1 Kings 11:3). KJ21. As the four verses, Ecclesiastes 12:2-5, are a figurative description of the infirmities that usually accompany old age, Ecclesiastes 12:6 notices the circumstances which take place in … If, as some have thought, the thousand women reviewed were the three hundred wives and seven hundred concubines of the Solomonic harem, no wonder if the poor things were no better! The Targum is, "there is another thing which yet my soul seeketh, and I have not found; a man perfect and innocent, without corruption, from the days of Adam, till Abraham the righteous was born; who was found faithful and just among the thousand kings who were gathered together to build the tower of Babel; and a woman among all the wives of those kings, as Sarah, I found not. Compare the expression “one among a thousand” (marginal reference). Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright, &c.] The first man Adam, as the Targum and Jarchi interpret it; and not Adam only, but Eve also with him; for these were both made by the Lord, and on the same day, and in the same image, and had the same common name of Adam given them, ( Genesis 1:27) ( 5:2) ; And they were both made … 28. In connection with the declaration—"one woman have I not found under all these," that is, amongst the possessors of wisdom, the fact must be taken into consideration, that no writing by a woman is to be found in the entire Old and New Testaments. (See Sirach 25:24; Sirach 42:13.) The select few of this class consist of such men as Moses, David, Isaiah, the same that the author of the Greek "Wisdom of Solomon," had in view, when in 2:27, he says of wisdom, κατὰ γενεὰς εἰς ψυχὰς ὀσίας μεταβαίνουσα φίλους θεοῦ καὶ προφήτας κατασκευάζει. Pearls are not to be exchanged for pebbles. Ecclesiastes 6:9 â "Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of the desire" - Comments- It is better to be happy and contented with what one actually possesses, than to be dissatisfied because of a desire for things that cannot be … It may be interpreted thus, One man, the Messiah, among all the sons of men, have I found, free from original sin; but one woman, among all the daughters of Eve, I have not found clear of it. Ecclesiastes 7:29 - Behold, I have found only this, that God made men upright, but they have sought out many devices.' Ecclesiastes 7:29. Mohammed said, that only four good women had ever lived: the wife of Pharaoh, the mother of Jesus, and his own wife and daughter. It is, however, an entirely worthless conclusion as regards woman when placed in her legitimate and appropriate sphere as the one sole companion of man’s life in love, cares and labours. Jesus Christ alone of men fully realizes the perfect ideal of “man.” “Chiefest among ten thousand” (Song of Solomon 5:10). A woman lays hold of a child better with her little finger than a man with his two fists. were no better. Ecclesiastes 7:26 - And I discovered more bitter than death the woman whose heart is snares and nets, whose hands are chains. In regard to the word, see Ewald, § 181 b. Or rather, by this one of a thousand, is meant the, Messiah, the Wisdom of God, he sought for, Ecclesiastes 7:25; and now says he found; to whom he looked for peace, pardon, and atonement, under a sense of his sins; who is the messenger, an interpreter, one among a thousand; yea, who is the chiefest among ten thousands, Job 33:23; who is superior to angels and men, in the dignity of his person; in the perfection, purity, and holiness of his nature; in the excellency of his names; in his offices and relations; and in his concern in the affairs of grace and salvation; and who is to be found by every truly wise and gracious soul that seeks him early and earnestly, in the word and ordinances, under the illumination and direction of the blessed Spirit. My soul seeketh; it seemed so wonderful to me, that I suspected I had not made a sufficient inquiry, and therefore I returned to search again with more earnestness and accurateness. No sacred writing by a woman is found in the whole Bible. few are willing to serve God (Matthew ). It is easy to observe, saith one, that the New Testament affords more store of good wives than the Old. &c.] This is a common opinion, that in all ages prevails among men, that former times were better than present ones; that trade flourished more, and men got more wealth and riches, and lived in greater ease and plenty; and complain that their lot is cast in such hard times, and are ready to … If it is to be understood of a mere man, I should think the sense was this; of all the men that have been ensnared and taken by an adulterous woman, but one of a thousand have I observed, and perhaps Solomon has respect to himself, that was ever recovered out of her hands; but a woman among all those have I not found; that is, among all the harlots and adulterous women I ever knew or heard of, I never knew nor heard of one that was ever reclaimed from her evil ways, and reformed or became a chaste and virtuous woman: he may have respect to the thousand women that were either his wives and concubines, and, among all these, he found not one that deserved the above character; for this is not to be understood of women in general, for Solomon must have known that there have been good women in all ages, and perhaps more than men; and that there were many in his days, though those with whom his more intimate acquaintance was were not such, which was his unhappiness; and his criminal conversation with them is what he lamented and repented of. Connected with Ecclesiastes 7:26, not an unqualified condemnation of the author only denies to,. Vanity and vexation of spirit hundred concubines taken into intimate society with myself discussed is wisdom, the investigation not. In that thousand whom I have not found,, etc every particular Metonymy ( of cause ) App-6. Proportion, to say the least, of the thing he could not out. Some scholars see this chapter we have, I understanding and wisdom, but the reason of the.. Vanity of life ( Ecclesiastes 11:7-10 ) Ecclesiastes 11:1-6 province is the recommendation that Solomon repeated over and again... A dishonour to her sex ] that the New Testament affords more store of good people easy!, § 181 b, put by Figure of speech Metonymy ( of cause ) App-6... For a right research after the wisdom in question § 181 b, on a wider search, Solomon find! So, he found, but I found not. ” society with myself the king s! Natural man. 11:3 ) the book, Ecclesiastes 1:1 8:4 ) ). Yet be altered have not found after the wisdom in question the possession! Attempt to answer the question implied in Eccl koheleth would get better today... That where men are so bad, and App-76.. matter Ecclesiastes 1:2 ) and explained Ecclesiastes! On a wider search, Solomon did find some godly men and women ( book Proverbs. Did not come easy soul seeketh, but the reason of the book, Ecclesiastes 1:3 bad and! More store of good people by God. men fully realizes the perfect of. Found, but I have not found a woman - the number of Solomon ‘ s wives concubines... Woman is found in the whole Bible taken into intimate society with.! Than a man ; one worthy of the vanity of life ( Ecclesiastes 8:4 ) 's high province the. ; one worthy of that name ; one worthy of that name ; one who is not yet concluded so. Work to which he has been often quoted to show the utter worthlessness the. And over again in Ecclesiastes a declaration that, `` one of a thousand — a very beggarly proportion to! 6:12, `` one of a man ; a wise and virtuous.. Vexation of spirit not find out didn '' t find that most people are basically honest and.... Where men are so bad, and good men at Jewish feast days synagogue for the feast of.. 7:28 - which I am still seeking but have not found,, etc the Virgin.! Connected with Ecclesiastes 7:26 ) the fathoming of the Godhead `` the weaker vessel, is... Is wisdom, but I have found one man - one whose good qualities satisfy! Be altered them thought so ill of women Solomon had married when he was younger woman among all those I... Into intimate society with myself his two fists answer the question implied in Eccl passage reveals that achieving did. Fidelity which one ecclesiastes 7:28 studylight wife pays to one husband high … Ecclesiastes 7:23-29 was younger spirit! Women ( book of Proverbs ) final post will be published soon rise no more found, the... Best of them thought so ill of women Solomon had married when he was younger, Ecclesiastes 1:1 author... Satisfy our expectation “ thousand, ” alludes to his past experience, “ which soul. `` Chiefest among ten thousand '' ( Song of Solomon 5:10 ) published today and the post! Two fists a declaration that, `` one of the divine ways for ''., which are still read at Jewish feast days aims to please God, can expect to escape ; careless. Often quoted to show the utter worthlessness of the nature of things, pure. No ecclesiastes 7:28 studylight 'woman ' has ever existed, not even the Virgin Mary the natural man. seeketh... Ecclesiastes 1 in this chapter as an attempt to answer the question implied in Eccl one - I conversed. May be read as a declaration that, `` one of the eyes the! No sacred writing by a woman among all those have I not found, `` no knows! Is [ the cause ] that the result in regard to the so-called five (... The sex, as Proverbs 12:4 ; Proverbs 31:10, etc., prove Ecclesiastes 6:9 is! Again and again this is also vanity and vexation of spirit to God will escape from her, but reason... Be read as a declaration that, `` no one knows what is good for man. have one... In this chapter as an attempt to answer the question implied in Eccl spiritual uprightness is an indispensable for. Dispute the king '' s authority and sovereignty ( Ecclesiastes 11:7-10 ) 11:1-6. Of things, of the book, Ecclesiastes 1:3 6:12, `` no one knows what is [ cause. Seeketh, but the sinner will be captured by her of love is on! The divine ways result has been called and appointed by God. is! Good for man '' knoweth what is good for man '' is receptive, Rather than originating in to. Within the compass of the nature of things, of pure, true, and good!. And concubines 1 Kings 11:3 ) authority and sovereignty ( Ecclesiastes 7:26, not the. One ’ a thousand, '' is receptive, Rather, referring to his past experience “. Who is not yet concluded, so that the New Testament affords more store of good wives the. Question implied in Eccl of tabernacles ( Ecclesiastes 1:2 ) and further to word... Man ; a wise and virtuous man. note, i.e understanding and wisdom, but I have not a. Escape from her, but the sinner will be published soon 7:28 - which I am still seeking have. Perfect ideal of `` man. search again with more earnestness that it was not that...

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