Learn more about the films featured in the upcoming season of Community Cinema.

  • The New Black

    By Yoruba Richen

    Screening May 2014 - June 2014

    Gay gospel singer Tonex and the head of the National Black Justice Coalition challenge homophobia in the black church and confront traditionally white gay organizations around issues of race.

  • The Graduates/Los Graduados

    By Bernardo Ruiz

    Screening September 2013 - October 2013

    The struggles and triumphs of Latino and Latina students from across the United States are explored through their own eyes in this documentary about the challenges faced in our nation’s public education system.

  • The State of Arizona

    By Carlos Sandoval and Catherine Tambini

    Screening November 2013 - December 2013

    The State of Arizona captures the explosive emotions and complex realities behind Arizona’s headline-grabbing struggle with illegal immigration.

  • Las Marthas

    By Cristina Ibarra

    Screening January 2014 - February 2014

    The annual debutante ball in Laredo, Texas is unlike any other in the country — its mostly Latino debutantes and their attendants all dress as Martha Washington or other patriotic figures from America's colonial period.

  • The Trials of Muhammad Ali

    By Bill Siegel and Kartemquin Films

    Screening February 2014 - March 2014

    The Trials of Muhammad Ali covers Ali's toughest bout: his battle to overturn the five-year prison sentence he received for refusing U.S. military service. The film explores Ali's exile years when he was banned from boxing and found himself in the crosshairs of conflicts concerning race, religion, and wartime dissent.

  • Medora

    By by Andrew Cohn and Davy Rothbart

    Screening March 2014 - April 2014

    A community beset by a crippled economy and dwindling population is the setting for this documentary following a down-but-not-out varsity basketball team over a season. The team’s struggle to compete parallels the town’s own fight for survival.