Hi, I’ve been visiting your website for a year now and I’m still wondering if it’s possible to create a forum section where everyone can talk to one another? I think it would be really great to interact using this site for both members and non-members of the organization.

Hello, thank you so much for visiting us always. We really appreciate your support! Yes, it was already planned to create a forum and we just came up with that idea recently. It is such a great way to make everyone talk to each other even if they are members or not as long as they are all supporters of this organization. We’re happy that you thought of such thing, please do anticipate it!

I want to know where I can find the past activities of your organization as well as the projects you created, how can I see it?

Thank you so much for the interest, we are glad that you want to know about our past activities and projects. To view them, you may visit the ‘projects’ section of this website that can be found on the menu tab. It’s located at the top part of this website along with the other sections.

Hello, I’ve always wanted to visit your organization personally and meet people in your organization. Is it possible to visit anytime or do I have to make an appointment first?

Hi! Thank you for thinking about visiting us personally, we are glad you consider doing that. To meet with our members and staff, you must send us an email first and inform us of your visit. It’s also better to make an appointment first to arrange your meeting with a team member. However, if you just want to visit the organization and nothing more, you can do that anytime because we have people who can assist you with those visits.

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