Community Cinema

Community Cinema

Are you looking for a great organization that helps a lot of people? Is your hobby watching movies all the time especially if there are new ones? Well, why don’t you try checking out other movies that will surely educate many? If you love watching movies more than anything and would like to find an organization you would like to join or support, you came to the right place. Everything you are looking for in a group is in Community Cinema. We don’t just show a lot of movies and let many people watch them, but we also pool funds for a good cause.

This organization grew as time passed by. We first started in a garage, with a door installed by no other than the leading service provider — Sterling Heights A1 Garage Door Service. Because of the success and attention we got from the past years, we were able to make new things for this organization, including a new office space. With a much improved office and the addition of new people, we did everything to improve our projects and encouraged more people to join us. You may see all of our success and past activities in this website. Read about us and know what we’ve done so far and what we would like to do more for other people.

Community Cinema lets many people be it members or non-members, to attend free screenings of as many movies every month. We are able to make a revolutionary public education and civic initiative with our monthly screenings of these movies. Our organization was able to help a lot of kids, children and even adults who suffer from problems. It was our mission to help them and create a better place for them and so far, we were able to do just that. This time, we want to expand our projects more and make our organization bigger. We want to be involved in deeper social issues and do something about the crisis our society faces. What we are only asking for is your help. It would be really good to recruit more members for our organization or if not, we still want your support. We consider all kinds of help and support as very important for us.

To know how to join our organization and be a part of our team, please go to the contact section and message us anytime. You are also free to visit us personally so you can talk to the people in charge of our organization. It’s always good to reach out to many people and help out others as much as we can. But to do that, we must participate in organizations and personally give our support. We are glad to be a part of this community and we hope you can be one of us too. Watch future movie screenings with us and help our organization make a change for many people out there. Let’s create more, be with one another, and make new improvements as much as possible.

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