Audiences React to Community Cinema

Audience member asking a question at the San Francisco screening of Half the Sky

It has been quite a whirlwind launching the new season of Community Cinema, here at ITVS!  Over 105 events for Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide kick-started the 2012/13 season in September-and now we are midway through October events with As Goes Janesville.  In the midst of all the excitement, we wanted to take a moment and acknowledge our dedicated and supportive audience members, who attend our monthly screenings of Community Cinema across the country. Earlier this fall, we reached out and surveyed our fans and asked, “What do you love about Community Cinema?” We received an overwhelming number of positive responses. We are so inspired by our audiences across the nation and wanted to share a few of our favorite comments.

Senaka Peters, Philadelphia, PA

“My level of engagement and reflection on the themes presented in the films shown at Community Cinema has been much greater than if I were watching alone. The opportunity to hear from the filmmakers, film subjects, and stakeholders from the community has been truly rewarding. I always leave enlightened, moved and inspired. ” – Senaka Peters (Philadelphia, PA)

“Your screenings are wonderful and insightful! I think that without this informative forum, that certain issues would not be put to the forefront. So, thank you! ” – Elissa Levine (Chicago, IL)

Diana and husband , Nashville TN

 “The Saturday dates at Community Cinema were very special for my husband and me.” – Diana Blair Revell (Nashville, TN)

“I have never been disappointed by a Community Cinema film, and I will continue to attend every chance I get.” – Mark Jones (Philadelphia, PA)

Crystal and her daughter, Journey, Washington DC

“Having Community Cinema is a great way for me and my 16 year old daughter to engage in conversations that open her eyes and mind to issues that are out of the norm for her. She is educated a little more on the subject and she can speak about it with her friends and bring into the classroom.”- Crystal Banks (Washington, DC)

We were inspired by Crystal’s answer and wanted to learn a little more about her and her daughter, Journey. We asked Crystal to share some additinal thoughts with us.

 I first came to the Community Cinema to engage with people of different backgrounds and to hear their opinions on subjects that matter to me. Since my first event, I continue to return because it’s a forum for my daughter and I to bond over topics that might not be discussed over dinner. Most importantly, I continue to return for my daughter to open her eyes about subjects that she can share with her friends.

I am big fan of the Women and Girls Lead films, my favorite documentary has been Strong!.  I enjoy bringing my daughter to the screenings because I want her to learn that women – even in this day of age – are continuing to break  gender roles through different mediums. This season, I’m looking forward to  the film, Solar Mamas. I am so impressed and excited that something of this magnitude is happening for women who speak different languages and who come from different cultures. These women have something in common, they are willing to take a chance for themselves their families and their communities. This truly looks like a wonderful film.