Our organization was founded a few years ago by a group of people who were used to developing programs to help people. They had these projects going on for a year already and working together made them feel like they can make more projects which will be useful and helpful to many people. That is why they decided to create an organization officially and recruit more and more people who are all willing to join them and be a part of this group. As the founding people received massive help from others who wanted to support their activities, they became more determined to continue what they have been doing for years.

Community Cinema focuses on the organization’s engagement on many social issues that our society faces and does a lot of educational meetings about these issues as well. We became successful with their proposal, projects, and programs. At first, we never expected to become so big after a few years because all we wanted in the first place was to create something that will surely help a lot of people. But then, knowing where this organization took them now only made them more positive for their future work and in creating more programs.

With the help of many screening and movies, we were able to let people know the issues we wanted to deal with. We are also able to make people informed about these things and not to mention, educate them as well. Many people love to participate in our programs and join our organization and we are more than thankful to receive such help. We’re proud to let you all know that even with small projects and programs, we were able to do great things and we hope that more of you would love to do the same.

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